Easy Brown Bag Turkey #Thankgiving Craft

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The holidays have always been a big time for crafting in my house. As they draw near each year, the boys love finding holiday related crafts and recipes that they can make to help make the cheer of this time of year last the longest. Crafts like this super easy brown bag turkey are quick, and allow you to spend some great quality time with your child celebrating Thanksgiving. 


Brown paper lunch bag
Construction paper - I used red, orange, blue, yellow and green
Dark crayon or marker
Glue stick
Googly eyes (sold at all craft stores)


Step 1. With a marker or crayon, draw a  turkey feather on each of the colored pieces of construction paper.

Step 2. Using a scissors, cut each turkey feather out.

Step 3. Draw the turkey beak on the orange construction paper. I used a triangle shape.  Cut it out with a scissors.

Step 4. Draw the turkey wattle on the red piece of construction paper (see picture for guidance) and cut out with scissors.

Step 5. Apply glue to the back of the googly eyes with the glue stick and press on the top of the paper bag. This will actually be the part of the brown bag that is the bottom if you opened it completely (see picture).

Step 6. Glue the nose and wattle onto the brown bag making sure it is only glued to the top part.

Step 7. Turn the brown bag over and glue each feather on to the back.

What fun and easy Thanksgiving crafts do you enjoy doing with the kids?

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  1. Super cute Thaksgiving craft! Thanks for linking up to Merry Monday!



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