#DIY Touchscreen Gloves

7:00 AM

Whether you're looking to save money or just want an incredible DIY gift idea that someone will actually want and use, making your own touchscreen gloves is a wonderful cold weather craft. Touchscreen gloves can be quite expensive, but take some $1 gloves from Walmart and a bottle of puffy paint, and it is incredible what you can accomplish! Plus, the personalization options are endless! Check out the tutorial on creating these simple #DIY touchscreen gloves below.


Any gloves
Pink puffy paint
(Sensa-thread and needle for iPhone users)


1. Lay your gloves top side down, to make sure your design goes on the right side
2. I chose little hearts as my design, which is super simple, using your puffy paint, paint a V shape on each finger tip then begin thickening the lines for a heart shape

3. Paint one larger heart in the center of your gloves, this will help for gripping your phone
4. Optional step- these gloves aren't iPhone compatible but if you'd like them to be, all you need to do is sew it a V shape on top of the little hearts with a little sensa-thread

5. Enjoy!

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