35 Ways to Make Extra Money for the Holidays

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The holidays seem to stretch everyone pretty thin financially. It’s always nice to be able to make a little extra money to help buy gifts over the holiday season. Most people take money out of their monthly budget, which can really leave them stretched for cash. There are ways you can make extra money over the holidays and here are 35 of them.

1. Write for Textbroker.

2. Do VA work for Fancy Hands.

3. Use Upwork.com to find freelance jobs.

4. Do transcription online like at Same Day Transcriptions.

5. Sell an old car.

6. Do car detailing for other people.

7. Babysit for a friend.

8. Clean houses in the evenings.

9. Tutor offline or online. Tutor.com hires online tutors.

10. Get crafty and sell on Esty.com.

11. Run errands for other people. Believe it or not, there’s someone out there that will pay you to

grocery shop for them.

12. Do search engine evaluating with companies like Leapforce.com.

13. Rate websites at TryMyUi.com.

14. Shovel snow or rake leaves.

15. Start your own bounce house rental service.

16. Work as a VA for WorldWide 101.

17. Work from home with Apple.

18. American Express hire work at home agents.

19. Donate plasma for cash.

20. Mturk.com is a great place to earn extra cash.

21. Offer to house sit.

22. Offer to pet sit.

23. Sell anything and everything you’re not using.

24. Recycle cans for extra cash.

25. Rent out a spot in your home or even consider renting out your car.

26. Sell your items to a pawn shop.

27. Sell items on Facebook garage sale sites.

28. Write for Blogmutt.com.

29. Upcycle furniture to sell.

30. Watch an elderly person in their home.

31. Make Christmas items and décor to sell.

32. Help people find great deals but charge them a percentage.

33. Deliver items for people across the USA.

34. Write for The Content Authority.

35. Write for Writer’s Domain.

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