Quick and Easy Holiday Snack - Reindeer Go-Gurts #SnackandSmile

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Can you believe that Halloween is almost here? Right around the corner are Thanksgiving and of course, Christmas. With all of the holiday fun pouring in at one time, it can become easy to get lost in a sea of decorating, gift shopping and so much more holiday hustle and bustle. What about quality time with the kids though. Creating a holiday-themed snack together is a great way to not only spend quality time with one another, but create a delicious treat that can be shared at holiday events.

When I was challenged with coming up with a unique way to enjoy or showcase Yoplait yogurt, my mind instantly went to the upcoming Christmas holiday, and how much my boys enjoy Yoplait Go-Gurt. Throwing the two together, I came up with an idea for Reindeer Go-Gurt snacks. We headed off to Walmart to pick up some of our favorite Yoplait Go-Gurt flavors, as well as some supplies needed for this snacking craft. My boys love how easy Go-Gurt is to grab and go, and they are crazy about yogurt in general, so we usually always have some in the fridge.

Reindeer Go-Gurt


Low temperature glue gun
Yoplait Go-Gurt
Googly eyes
Brown pipe cleaners
Small red craft puffs


Step 1: Heat up your low temperature glue gun. You want to use a low temperature one so that the hot glue does not sear a hole in the plastic of the Go-Gurt.

Step 2: Cut a brown pipe cleaner into 5 pieces. One long one, two medium length ones and two small ones. Wrap the long one around the top of the Go-Gurt and twist closed. Loop the two medium sized pip cleaner pieces one on either side of the created head band on the Go-Gurt, creating some antlers. Lastly, twist on the smallest size pipe cleaner pieces to each of the medium pieces you just applied, to make additional points on the antlers.

Step 3: Apply two Googly eyes to the front of your Go-Gurt below the antlers with hot glue.

Step 4: Apply one small red craft puff as a reindeer nose onto the front of your Go-Gurt with hot glue.

Repeat steps 1-4 until you have completed your desired number of Reindeer Go-Gurts. Enjoy this yummy holiday snack with friends and family!

Do you have a favorite way to snack with Yoplait? I would love to hear it. Reach out to @KBunn with the hashtag #SnackandSmile and share how you snack with Yoplait!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Cute idea! Keeping this in mind for classroom parties! Found you at the Inspire Me Monday link up!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, my boys loved helping to make these.



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