How To: Wicked Washroom Halloween Prank #BestBuyHalloween

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 I love Halloween and so do my boys. As they have gotten older, they are getting more and more into the spookier and scarier aspects of the holiday. It used to all be able adorable little animal costumes and lollipops and now they like to focus more on the trick part of the trick or treat system. They think it is hilarious to prank mom, but little do they know, I have a plant to be the one doing the tricking this year! Cue Best Buy, and their Halloween Prank How To's

Best Buy has created a dedicated page that lists five awesome Halloween pranks and provides How To videos that show you just how to pull them off. They have paired up some of their most awesome technology with some spooky Halloween tricks to create monstrous pranks. My personal favorite? The Wicked Washroom prank. While all of the pranks look awesome, I know that this is the one that the boys will never ever see coming. 

Picture it, they are lined up in the bathroom working through their night time routines, and all of a sudden the hair dryer starts going off and the clippers start buzzing by themselves. The lights go out and turn back on flashing red, while spooky sound effects blast from the walls. How awesome is that? I know, I'm an awful mom, but hey, they would do it to me first if given the chance. Plus, they are almost all teenagers now, so its fair game. Check out the video below for the full Wicked Washroom Halloween prank. 

What do you think? Have someone you want to spook this Halloween?  Head on over to the Best Buy Halloween Prank How To page for a full list of the Halloween pranks available for you to try out this year!

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