Adult Mary Poppins #DIY Halloween Costume

7:00 AM

Every year I go on the hunt for a Halloween costume only to find the costume sites riddled with short skirts and inappropriate costume ideas. It seems like there aren't any options for women who want to actually remain clothes appropriately for the holiday while taking their kids trick or treating. So, I have turned to the DIY Halloween costume route to come up with this year's costume idea of Mary Poppins. A Mary Poppins costume is super easy to throw together on your own, and it is one of my favorite movies, so it was a must for this Halloween. Check out the links below if you think you might want to put together your own Mary Poppins costume this year!


Umbrella - $20:

Bag - $38.75:

Bowtie - $5.38:

Shirt - Price Varies by size:

Skirt - Price Varies by size:

Shoes - $32.99

Gloves - $6.75

Additional Items:

Kids Costume:

Men’s Costume:

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