The 5 Best Quotes and Takeaways from the #EndMommyWars Roundtable Event in NYC #SisterhoodUnite

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Last week, other Similac "Sisterhood of Motherhood" ambassadors, the #EndMommyWars celebrity spokes team the Duff sisters and the Today Show's Sheinelle Jones and Jenna Wolfe gathered in the historic Rainbow Room for an enthusiastic roundtable discussion whose goal was to help put an end to mom judging an shaming once and for all. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it to the event, but I followed along with the event love on Periscope and tweeted my thoughts and support along the way. Together, these women helped bring light to a problem that has plagued the realms of motherhood for decades, the "mommy wars."

I am not sure that anyone really quite knows when the mommy wars started, but we have all seen and even been victims of mom judging ourselves. When did this habit of judging another woman on the decisions she made for her child? Is not every mother just doing what she feels is best for her own family? When did we start thinking we had the right to believe our way was superior to that chosen by another mom? That's why Similac has started the Sisterhood of Motherhood site, where moms of all ages and beliefs can come together to help support each other instead of tear each other down.

Curious about what was discussed at the Roundtable event with Hilary and Haylie Duff? Check out the recorded event on Periscope for yourself, and check out give of the best quotes and takeaways from the event below.

1. The Today Show's Sheinelle Jones said it best when you commented that "We're all in different lanes so to speak, but we're all kinda on the same highway." 
2.  Today coresspondent said, "We are all a work in progress, no one has it figured out, no one has all the right answers, no one ever has and no one ever will. So, if you can go to sleep at night knowing you did the best you can, you loved your kid with everything you've got in your heart, regardless of what any other human says, writes or thinks about you,  then guess what, you're doing it right." 
3. Similac Sisterhood of Motherhood Partner Hilary Duff stated, "Just to acknowledge that our skin isn't thick and tough all the time, I think is a really good rule for a dad or a partner to stop and think about. We're tough as nails, but we're soft inside and it hurts." 
4. Dr. Shefali Tsabary, clinical psychologist shared, "Don't use your children to fill your inner act, this is not their war. Don't use them to finish your act, don't use them to finish your unfinished business." 
5. Haylie Duff, also a Similac Sisterhood of Motherhood Partner commented, "I'm going to leave here taking responsibility for what I put out into the world, what comes out of my mouth, the way that I judge people. It doesn't mean that I'm not going to have judgmental thoughts at different times, but I'm going to make sure that I make myself responsible for what comes out of my mouth."
The #EndMommyWars Roundtable event in NYC tool place right ahead of the "Mommy Wars" movie that will be released. Award-winning director Cynthia Wade is working on a documentary style film which will follow the lives of new moms as they talk about the judgement they have felt over their parenting choices, and how they hope to overcome the Mommy Wars. See the trailer below!

Together, we can all make a difference, and help to build a community of women who support each other, no matter what our personal parenting choices may be. Only together can we #EndMommyWars! Share your Mommy Wars story on the Similac Facebook page!

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