Play This New Android App and Help Change the World!

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What if you could download an app, play fun games and help change the world all at the same time? Well, now you can with the Tree Story App, and it has just been released on Android. I shared with you my love for this interactive "social good" app months ago when it was available on iTunes. Now that it is available to a whole new range of tech users in the Google Play store, I wanted to be sure to share it again.

What is the Tree Story App?

Basically, the Tree Story app is a game where you can raise your own virtual tree from a seedling to a full grown treeling within the game. How do you do that? You water and care for your sapling by playing fun games and dressing it up in silly costumes. As you complete these tasks, your virtual tree will grow. Once it has grown, the Tree Story app will work with its partners to plant your tree in the real world!

The Tree Story app has teamed up with partners including:
  • The U.S. Forest Service
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • ACTrees (an organization representing over 350 local tree planting organizations)
  • Arbor Day Foundation
  • Project Learning Tree
These partners in conjunction with the people behind the Tree Story App work to plant trees across the globe each time a tree has been fully grown within the app. Watch the video below for even more information on this fun app that can help change the world. 

Download the App and Play Today

How can you help? Download the app today from either the Google Play Store or iTunes, and start growing your virtual tree today! Each tree you grow within the app is a live tree planted where it is needed most. 

Two options are available for download, a paid app version for $.99, that has no ads, and a free app version that does contain ads. The links to download each can be found below. 

What are you waiting for? Download the app and start planting trees today! 

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