Mix and Match Fall Wardrobe for Boys #Fashion

12:18 PM

Fall is arriving across the country, and its time to break out the cool weather clothes. If you are a mom of boys like me, you know how hard it can be sometimes to find cute clothes that are trendy and affordable. Luckily, there is this handy list of handy list of 14 pieces that can combine to create at least fifteen adorable mix and match outfits that are perfect for the Fall season. The best part is, they're all affordable!

1. Skinny Chino Pants, Grey -- $12.57
2. Straight Leg Jeans -- $6.99

6. Graphic Motocross Tee -- $5.00
7. Rugby Stripe Polo -- $9.06
9. Long Sleeve Plaid Shirt -- $20.66

11. Zip Up Baseball Hoodie -- $24.47
12. Striped Scarf -- $12.95
13. Kalahari Desert Boots -- $26.95
14. Indie Casual Boots -- $18.86

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