A Boy and His Dog #CesarHomeDelights

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I’m serving my dog CESAR® home delights™ as part of a sponsored series with Socialstars. #CesarHomeDelights.

With five dogs in the house, there never seems to be a shortage of furry friends to love on. Everyone has managed to claim their favorites, but none so fiercely as my youngest son Jase and our smallest dog Daisy. Daisy is a dachshund and Yorkie mix and a few years ago, she gave birth to eight large pit bull mix puppies, three of which we still have, and all of which are bigger than her. She is a big bundle of love and loyalty in one small package, and she loves my Jase the most and without fail. A day doesn't pass by that you don't see them tucked away somewhere together.

Jase and Daisy can be found watching TV together, where she will snuggle with him for hours, hoping for an occasional tummy rub, and never condemning his questionable affection for the show Teen Titans. Sometimes they lay on his bed, and sometimes they lay on hers, but they always have fun.

Daisy's favorite activity is playing tug of war with her rope, which she holds on to with a ferocity that would make even the biggest dogs proud. Jase will pull and tug with her until she is plum worn out. He never complains when she come dragging her tattered old rope behind her.

Walks outside are never a chore for Jase and Daisy, the love walking around the yard or down the street and around the block. The adventures they have the rest of us will never be privy to, but they usually have some stories to tell when they're done exploring.

When it comes to meal time, Jase is all about making sure be pick out just what Daisy likes. He loves the fact that CESAR® Home Delights™ borrows the recipes that he loves most like meat lasagna and pot roast and turns them into delicious meals for his favorite dog. Daisy loves the wet dog food, with real chunks of meat and vegetables that you can see, and she knows it is coming before it even hits the bowl. Of course, Jase insists on feeding Daisy each day so that she can see how much he loves her by sharing CESAR® Home Delights™ with her.

I love seeing the affection that is growing between my baby boy and his dog, we should all be so lucky to find such love and devotion in our best friends.

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