10 Family Friendly Activities at Emerald Grande at HarborWalk Village #EmeraldCoasting

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It's no secret that the gleaming waters and powdery white sand of the emerald coast make for an ideal family vacation spot, but in addition to the beach, the area has so much more to offer couples visiting the area with little ones in tow. The Emerald Grand at HarborWalk Village is the ideal place to stay and a virtual hub to all of the family friendly dining, activities and lodging you need to create a fun-filled family adventure all in one place. Check out this sampling of 10 family friendly Emerald Coast activities that can all be found right at HarborWalk Village just steps from your Emerald Grande resort room.

Dolphin Cruise

What could be more fun than the thrill of spotting dolphins frolicking in the Gulf alongside your boat? At HarborWalk Village, there are several options for dolphin cruises at a variety of price points, with timing from the afternoon to sunset hours. Watch children's faces light up as they spot a dolphin in the wild for the first time!


Fishing is a great all-day family activity. Several charter boats are available, as well as a marina where you can pick up fishing equipment. Enjoy the warm weather and gorgeous scenery as you and your family try to bring in the biggest catch of the day.


On a sunny day, the waters surrounding HarborWalk Village are crystal clear and brimming with sea life for you to discover. Book a snorkeling excursion or just rent some snorkeling equipment and have fun exploring the local array of underwater life on your own.
Paddle Boarding


Even the little ones can enjoy some soft adventure thrills with the zipline at HarborWalk Village. Soar above vacation goer's heads and take in spectacular views of the beautiful Gulf as you take a ride on this family friendly zip.

Pirate Ship Adventure

The Buccaneer Pirate Ship sets sail daily from the docks of HarborWalk Village. Grab your little Scallywags, hop aboard for an afternoon filled with singing, gun battles and treasure hunting.

Shuttle to the Beach

Want a relaxing afternoon by the water? Take the Emerald Grande beach shuttle over to the powder white beach. Grab a beach chair and umbrella, and watch as the kids swim, make sand castles, or even rent a kayak.

Fly a Kite

Kitty Hawk Kites is located in HarborWalk Village and has an incredible array of flying objects for purchase. Pick up a kite or two in your choice of designs and take the kids for a fun afternoon of kite flying along the water's edge.

Enjoy the Pool

At the Emerald Grande, 2,500 square feet of water-filled fun awaits four stories above the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and Destin Harbor. Let the kids splash around as you sip a fruity cocktail from a lounge chair and enjoy the breathtaking views all around.

Eat a Sweet Treat

HarborWalk Village is lined with family-friendly restaurants and places to grab a sweet treat. From snow cones, to freshly made cotton candy, fudge and of course, ice cream, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

To see more of what the Emerald Grand Resort and HarborWalk Village have to offer visiting families, visit EmeraldGrande.com.

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