Is Your Job as Cool as This One? #WorkforceStories #1in100MM

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Being a Florida native, I am no stranger to gators. We have them everywhere it seems. We've held them, kayaked with them, taken swamp tours to look for them and I even fed some once, but I have to draw the line at actually wrangling them, and sneaking in to capture their eggs so that they can be raised in a protective environment, but those are things that Royce McMullen considers just another day on the job. Royce is the latest worker to be featured in the Kronos "1 in One Hundred Million" series.

Kronos is the leader in workforce management solutions, they help their clients manage time and attendance records, schedules and absence records. Because of their unique perspective into the workplace, they know how important those workers are who often go unnoticed.

The 1 in one hundred million site is dedicated to all of the hardworking Americans who do the jobs we all rely on, but so often go without recognition. Each month, Kronos introduces a new episode on the 1 in one hundred million site that celebrates a new hardworking American. In the past I have shared about other workers that have been featured, but this month's honoree Royce McMullen takes the cake when it comes to cool jobs.

In this month's episode, you will see how McMullen, a family man and National Guardsman rocks out his job as an Alligator wrangler at Insta-Gator Ranch and Hatchery. In an effort to conserve the American alligator species and preserve Louisiana's wetlands, Royce works closely with the more than 2,000 gators at the ranch. Each July, he heads out to collect eggs from gator nests, collecting over 1,500 eggs each year which are then taken back to the ranch to be raised in safety before being released back into the wild.

Want to check out Royce's story, or see any of the other episodes in the 1 in one hundred million series? Visit

So what do you think? Is your job as cool as being an alligator wrestler?

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Kronos, all opinions are my own. 

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