DIY Sore Throat Survival Kit for Cold and Flu Season #SayAhhHAmoment

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Kids around the country have headed back to school and cooler weather is on its way. What does that mean for parents nationwide? The entrance of cold and flu season of course. As the germs start spreading and temperatures drop, kids start coming down with all manner of illnesses. One of the most prevalent in our home is the sore throat. Sometimes it comes with a cold or flu, but more often than not, it shows up alone and makes its way through the family. That's why I always try to have a sore throat survival kit on hand.

DIY Sore Throat Survival Kit Essentials

There are a few items that I have found can not only help sooth a sore throat, but also help heal it faster and now, even help me have an idea of what might be wrong with my child's throat without a trip to the family doctor. Check out some of our "must have" products.

1. Table Salt

Good old table salt is one of the most important parts of my sore throat survival kit. My mom used to always make me gargle with salt water when I was little and had a sore throat, and I hated it. You know what though? I make my kids do it now. Why? Because it works. It makes your throat feel better and helps it get better faster too.

2. Sore Throat Lozenges

These are more for those annoying scratchy throats that aren't quite sore, but sure don't feel good either. I try to keep a few packs of lozenges around to soothe aching throats whenever possible.

3. Chloraseptic Spray

For adults and older children, I have Chloraseptic Spray in our sore throat survival kit for fast relief. I am not a huge fan of the spray myself, but when the sore throat pain gets bad enough, I will do just about anything to ease it.

4. Cold and Soft Foods

During cold and flu season when sore throats are prevalent, I always try to make sure I have cold and soft foods on hand that are comfortable to eat when you have a sore throat. From applesauce to popsicles, these foods ensure the kids get some food, and even some relief to their sore throat pain.

5. Kid's Cold Medicine with Pain Reliever

One of the last things I put in our sore throat survival kit is kid's cold medicine that is made to help soothe sore throats and has a built in pain reliever. This is a great addition for nighttime relief to help ease a child's pain so they can get some rest.

6. The SayAhh! Sore Throat Home Exam Aid

This is the newest addition to my DIY sore throat survival kit, but probably the most useful in saving me time and money. Whenever the boys come down with a sore throat, I have a hard time deciding whether they needed to take a trip into the doctor's office or not.
The SayAhh! Sore Throat Home Exam Aid is a kit that has everything I need to take the guess work out of the equation now. It consists of a patented and scientifically-designed oral retractor and flashlight that help me view the boy's throats without a hassle. I no longer have to literally go "Say Ahh." It also includes an incredible medical-grade illustrated chart that shows not only what a healthy throat should look like, but different illustrations for the six most common throat conditions.

The patented design encourages tongue relaxation, and the unique curvatures and ridges on the underside help minimize the gag reflex, making it a great tool to use on children ages 6 and up. The SayAhh! exam kit is not meant to provide a diagnosis, but allows you as a parent the ability to accurately view your child's throat and report the results to a medical professional.

In addition to the home kit, there is also additional information available at and on the SayAhh! Exam Guide App, which is available for Apple devices and soon in the Android Store. With the app, you can get access to even more tips, information and guidance on how to deal with your child's sore throat, so that you can possibly save money on co-pays and other doctor related fees.

Want to purchase a SayAhh! Sore Throat Home Exam Aid kit of your own? You can do so now at for $9.49. You can use the code "mom428" when checking out to save $1 off the purchase price!

Now through November 1st, get free shipping when you purchase the new SayAhh! Sore Throat Home Exam Aid online at!

This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. All opinions, text and experiences are my own.

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