4 Shut-Eye Strategies to Fight Insomnia

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Last month I talked about the battle of insomnia and how it is such a far reaching problem in this country. Matt suffers from insomnia, and I often do myself. We're not alone either, about 4 million Americans suffer from some level of insomnia! Lately, I have been looking into the problem more, and have run across some shut-eye strategies that can help battle insomnia and let you get a better night's rest.

1. Get Active Early

If you are anything like me, getting up and moving in the morning is not the first thing on your "to do" list. I have to get the boys up, start our homeschool day, and then that leads into a million other things I have to do. It has been proven though, that getting up and exercising early in the day can actually help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep at night.

2. Make Yourself Comfortable

Have you ever found yourself drowsing off on a rainy afternoon? Why was that? The soft sound of the rain? Your comfortable chair? Getting yourself into a comfortable position or taking part in a relaxing activity like a nap can really help your body and mind to transition from day time to night time.

3. Shut Off Electronics

This is the one I have the hardest time with. As a blogger, it seems like I am always online. It can really help you fall asleep when you shut off all electronics an hour before bed though. That includes the TV too!

4. Turn Out the Lights

Darkness tells your body it is time to rest, so blocking out the light at night can help you sleep better. Even a small amount of light at night can send a message that tells your body to "wake up!"

In the coming weeks I plan to implement even more of these shut-eye strategies to help improve my sleep. I am going to start with moving my exercise to earlier in the day, and work my way up to being able to shut off electronics an hour before bed. Seems like it is time to pick out a good book.

Do you suffer from insomnia? Read more ideas and tips at WantToSleepMore.com.

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