Why We Had A Dog Named Abraham: Sponsored Video

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I was watching an IAMS dog food video the other day about a boy and his journey through childhood with his dog Duck. It got me thinking about the dog I had growing up. When I was little, my dad brought home a hunting dog and told me I could name it. I was too young to remember it now, but the story goes that I told him I wanted to name it Big Bird, and he protested saying he was not going to run through the woods yelling for Big Bird. So, being the church loving child that I was, I told him I wanted to name it Abraham. He agreed, and that is how we ended up with a female dog named Abraham.

I loved Abraham, we played together outside, and as I got older, she greeted me every morning when I went to do my chores and each afternoon when I came home from school. She was one of the most loving animals I have ever known. Sadly, one day when I was about 14, I got up in the morning to go feed the animals and found that she had passed on, but she had been a loyal friend all through my childhood. It broke my hear to know she was gone, but I cherish the memories with her growing up.

Dogs are our most trusted and loyal friends, and it is important to provide them with the right nutrition so that they can be there with us for many years to come. When our dog had puppies last Summer, we ended up keeping three of them. We also have their mother and our older dog Doodle who is going on 11. I have been looking into different brands of dog food so that I can provide all of them with the best nutrition possible to ensure they will be around for my boys to grow up with.

IAMS understands how important it is to provide our furry family members with the right nutrition to meet their needs. Go ahead and check out the video about, it is so heartwarming, and then visit the IAMS website for more information on their products and dog tips. Be sure to follow them on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest news.

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