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Travel to Italy generally conjures up visions of honeymooners looking for romance, backpackers looking for adventure or tour groups looking for the Uffizi, but rarely is it thought of as the place-to-be if you’re planning a family holiday. However, this is an unfortunate preconception, as Italy is very child friendly, so here are some reasons why you should consider holidays in Italy with your family:

Italians LOVE children

This is a generalization of course, but most Italians will try and make families as comfortable as possible. This includes playing with and entertaining your children, finding special things on the menus that they’ll like (even adjusting dishes) and providing cots and seating for babies.

Kids love Italian food

The land of pizza, pasta, calzones, and gelato is possibly the most kid friendly cuisine in the entire world. Most of the foods your children will recognize, giving you a break from having to find restaurants that offer child menus. As for trying new foods, watch them take their food choices in their own hands as they contemplate the plethora of gelato flavours on offer.

There’s plenty to see

Obviously, the famous art galleries and museums that house the works of Da Vinci, Raphael, and Caravaggio are probably not going to interest your children (unless they’re a bit older), but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t sight-see. Rome’s Coliseum is impressive no matter what age you are, and you can explore the underground passages where gladiators and animals passed through on their way to fight to the death; the Boboli gardens in Florence has a huge maze your kids can find their way out of; the Amalfi Coast has beaches and warm waters for your children to play in; In Venice, you can take them boating down the canals and in Milan, watch them scale Sforza Castle.

They can get involved

There are plenty of tours that are specifically kid-friendly, but they can get involved in things you’ve always wanted to do too. Make masks in Venice and learn about their famous festivals, or take a cooking class, and get your children interested in their food. Find an art class, and let your little ones express themselves with paints.

Don’t feel constrained by the overwhelming culture in Italy if you have kids, embrace it! Take your interests and show your kids or grand kids through booking a trip through a travel company like Saga, just how wonderful holidays in Italy can be. But whatever you do, be sure to take your kids to the first gelataria you find, you’ll be in their good books for months.

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