​Put Technology Down and Go #DarkforDinner

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dixie for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

There is no denying it, we live in a technology laden world, and it seems like it gets harder and harder to put the electronics down and really connect as a family. It's one of the reasons that I outlaw electronics for the kids on our road trips each year. This year on our #90DayRoadTrip, they were not allowed to bring electronics with them from home. I am totally guilty of glancing at my phone during meals though, and that's why I recently took the Dixie #DarkForDinner pledge to completely go dark at dinnertime and reconnect with the kids.

We spent a few days earlier this week at the home of my friend and fellow blogger Deb as part of our road trip. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to go #DarkforDinner and see what would happen. We only see each other once or maybe twice a year, so I definitely didn't want to waste that time constantly looking at my phone.

We turned the electronics off, made sure the phone wouldn't ring and the TV was off, and we had an incredible time talking and laughing with each other over some Chinese food. We followed that up with some S'mores made around the campfire in the backyard, and you know what? I really allowed for some real conversation and memories to be made where they may not have been if we had both been looking at our screens. Afterwards, we took a selfie to commemorate our visit together and our #DarkforDinner meal.

Dixie® products have been a part of American families for more than 90 years! Started as a way to help fight the spread of germs through community drinking cups, Dixie® has expanded to a wide range of products, many of which the boys and I use constantly on our road trips. They understand the important of making memories. That is why on Sunday, June 14th, Dixie® is launching their #DarkforDinner campaign.

The #DarkforDinner campaign is encouraging families to put aside their electronics and technology in an effort to really connect and avoid distractions to see how much easier it will be to build memories with one another. Don't worry if you miss it this Sunday the 14th of June, the Dixie® #DarkforDinner campaign will continue for six more Sundays after that!

What do you have to lose? Go #DarkforDinner with Dixie® beginning this Sunday and see how much easier it is to make memories with your friends or family. I would love to hear how your #DarkforDinner meal went, be sure to send a tweet to @KBunn with the hashtag to let me know how it went!

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