Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home #App Review

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It seems that all I ever do is work, work and work some more. When I am not constantly doing things with the boys, I am spending every waking moment working. Sometimes though, I just need to escape reality for a bit and zone out for a few minutes. That's why I love time management apps and games so much. I have tried a ton of them in the past. They are challenging, and help to take my mind out of the real world for a bit and just relax. RealNetworks' GameHouse Division has just released their latest addition to the Delicious app series, Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home, and it is my latest distraction.

Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home is the eleventh time management game in the Delicious series that caters to women who enjoy romantic comedies and taking on the challenges that life can throw their way. Throughout the years, loyal followers of the Delicious apps have seen Emily fall in love, get married, have a baby and struggle with balancing motherhood and her dream to run a business. In this latest addition, Emily's Home Sweet Home, you will join Emily and Patrick as they move into their new home.

At first the neighbors seem friendly, but things soon take a turn for the worst as Emily and Patrick fight to keep their home from becoming condemned. Watch more in the trailer video below.

Follow Emily through 60 time-management levels and 30 extra challenging levels, and work to help her fix up her dream house before it's too late. Move through 6 amazing restaurant settings, build customized menus for your customers, and unlock all the achievements to decorate Emily and Patrick's dream house.

Are you a fan of the Delicious app series and want to try this latest addition for yourself? The first 10 levels can be played for free, with the ability to unlock all levels with an in-game purchase. The app is available both on iTunes , the Amazon App Store and the Google Play store, as well as on your PC at and

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