Celebrating #Saucesome Campground Meals with Ragú

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As most of you probably know by now, the boys and I are on a #90DayRoadTrip. This is our third trip in as many year in an effort to visit all 50 states. Over the last few years, I have gotten pretty good at putting together simple and quick campground meals. I have also come to look forward to our family time around the picnic tables across this country. With beautiful natural surroundings and each other's company, the boys and I have made some amazing memories during our campground meals.

One of my favorite products to use in quick and easy meal preparation is Ragú sauces, the Ragú® Old World Style® Traditional Sauce is my favorite. With a real Italian taste, it is rich and hearty, just what I need to make anywhere we are feel like home. In 2015, Ragú wants to help families celebrate the #Saucesome moments in mealtimes.

We've all experienced it. Those moments when you are all in sync as a family, laughing and sharing with each other. Those silly moments when someone has a huge glob of gravy hanging from their chin, or the contests you have to see who is the champion of keeping a spoon on their nose the longest. Oh come on, you know you do it. It is these #Saucesome memories that come from delicious home cooked meals around the table together, and those moments that Ragú wants to help celebrate and preserve.

One of my favorite meals to cook at the campground is a grilled chicken tortellini dish. The secret to quick and easy campground meals is to choose products that are already mostly cooked. Not only does this add to the safety factor of cooking meats on a grill, but it helps you create a delicious meal fast. Some fully cooked and frozen chicken breasts, paired with tortellini and your favorite Ragú sauce help pull together a campground meal that is sure to help bring #Saucesome memories.


Right now, you can participate in the Ragú #Saucesome sweepstakes to win a wide range of #Saucesome products. Want some more meal inspiration? Follow Ragú on Facebook and Pinterest for more recipe ideas, and be sure to follow Ragú on Twitter for the latest news. How do you make mealtime #Saucesome with Ragú ?

Ragú is celebrating everything that makes family mealtime #Saucesome. From unique recipes to silly moments to crazy weeknights…we want to hear it all.

Do you have a recent #Saucesome moment or recipe? Share below!

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