5 Things I Love About Having a Teenage Son #AXEManUp

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I know, not something you usually here. By the time their kids reach the teenage years, most parents are ready to tear their hair out in desperation, and I am no exception. There are times when my oldest son who turns 15 at the end of this month drives me up the wall and back again. At those times, I find it helpful to remember the things I love about having a teenage son. Because, let's face it. While there may be some drawbacks, there are some obvious benefits as well.

1. Getting Help with the Heavy Lifting

Not that my oldest two boys are teenagers, I have someone to help me with they heavy lifting. Literally. When they were smaller and we took trips, I had to so all the work myself, not they are around to help both on the road and at home.

2, Our Conversations

Having a conversation with a toddler, while often entertaining, is not quite as fulfilling as having a conversation with your teenager. My oldest son and I talk all the time. During our road trips, it is not uncommon for us to talk 4-5 hours at a time while driving to our next destination.

3. More Self Sufficient

Don't get me wrong, I adored the toddler years, but I wold be lying if I didn't say it is way easier now that they boys are becoming more self sufficient. It is nice not to have to follow them around every second of the day getting everything they need for them.

4. Watching the People They are Becoming 

Every time one of the boys holds the door open for the people behind us, I smile a little inside. Each curteous action lets me know that I might be doing something right, and makes me proud of the people they are growing up to be.

5. Seeing Them Change

Just the difference a few years makes is remarkable to me. When we left for our first long term road trip a few years ago, Joshua was just a tiny little boy. Now, he is almost old enough for a learner's permit, and is turning into a young man in so many ways. Unfortunately, with the good changes come the bad. Have you ever gotten a good whiff of a teenage boy? It leaves something to be desired.

Luckily, when I offered to let him pick out his own shower gel, he was all to happy to go to the store and choose his favorite. He chose AXE Shower Gel. He really loves the scent, and I think the commercials make him think he will be able to get a girlfriend. In any event, my nose is spared the stench of puberty, and I can once again go back to admiring the gentleman he is turning into.

Joshua's scent just like his personality is both bold and interesting now, and he is already a lot more confident in the way he acts around others. Previously, he had just be using the kid stuff, and it was awesome for him to be able to trade up as his grows up.

Do you have a growing teenage son who is ready to trade up his shower gel too? Right now at Walgreens, you can purchase AXE Shower Gel and cash in on some great savings. From 6/14/15-6/20/15, all AXE products are buy one get one 50% off with your Balance Rewards card. Also, from 5/31/15-6/27/15, when you purchase 2 AXE products, you can earn 1,000 points on your card.

Do you have something you love about your teenage son? I'd love it if you would share it with me using the #AXEManUp hashtag on Twitter or Facebook. 

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