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One of our favorite things to make while we are traveling on our #90DayRoadTrip is sandwiches. They are easy to make, the ingredients can be stored in a cooler and we do not need any fancy equipment or utensils to put them together. The boys have a great time picking out different combinations each time we go to the store, and I like to try and put a smile on their face and make their sandwiches a little extra special. I have often drawn designs or messages with condiments in their food, but Hellmann's Best Foods at Walmart is making it even easier with their new mayonnaise squeeze bottle.

Hellmann's/Best Foods has released a new squeeze bottle design with all new technology that is geared towards creating less waste, less mess and more control. How you might ask? With the new design, you can easily squeeze out more mayo than with a jar or previous squeeze bottle designs. The clean lock cap keeps you from making messes, and the angled precision tip gives you more control that is perfect for creating messages on your children's sandwiches this summer.

Right now, you can visit the Walmart website to share some happiness with a friend or loved one by choosing your own sandwich and writing a special mayonnaise message. Share your message with them and you will gain instant access to a $.75 off coupon to try the all new squeeze bottle for yourself!

I created our favorite sandwich recipe for the boys the other day to try out the new Hellmann's/Best Foods bottle, and it worked great. We started with some soft white bread, added on some iceberg lettuce, fresh cut tomatoes, smoked turkey breast, honey ham and marbled colby jack cheese. I topped it all off with another slice of soft white bread complete with a happy face. The boys got a real kick out of their mayo messages, and have been asking for them every day since for lunch. The new bottle really is easier to use and there is no more fighting to get mayo out of the bottle and onto the bread.

Want to try the new Hellmann's/Best Foods mayonnaise bottle? Remember to stop by the Walmart site to print your money saving coupon today!

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