Do You Suffer from Momsleepitis? Get More Rest with #SleepIQ Technology

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sleep Number for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I never seem to feel rested or get enough sleep. With one child it was bad enough, but it seems that with each new child I brought home, my lack of sleep increased as well. At first it was due to middle of the night feedings, but now that the boys are older it is due to the fact that I am up half the night trying to get my work done without being interrupted constantly. Regardless of the reason, I definitely suffer from momsleepitis and never get the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night. It turns out, I'm not alone either, according to recent studies, the majority of Americans are getting an average of only 6.7 hours of sleep a night.

I know there are things that I could do to improve not only the amount of sleep I get each night, but the quality as well, like stopping all caffeine consumption before a certain time or staying off of electronics an hour or so before I go to sleep, but let's face it, those things are not likely to happen. So, I stopped by my local Sleep Number store the other night to look into something that I know might actually stand a chance at improving my sleep quality and time, a Sleep Number bed with SleepIQ® technology.

Did you know that while 43% of American track their exercise and 41% track their diet, only 16% of Americans actually track their sleep. Sleep Number's SleepIQ® technology aims to change that by making it simple to track your sleep and sleeping patterns. Sensors built directly into the Sleep Number bed work with the DualAir™ technology inside the bed to measure your average breathing rate, heart rate, movement and bed presence in order to show you your quality of sleep and help improve it.

I was able to see how the Sleep Number bed with SleepIQ® technology keeps track of your sleep quality and patterns in the unique app. There, you can view your quality of sleep and see patterns that might be a cause of optional activities that you can also input into the app in order to see what might be causing your lack of sleep or poor sleep quality. Overtime, the SleepIQ® technology can help you maximize your sleep quality and improve your restfullness.

My oldest son Joshua hopped aboard one of the latest Sleep Number models with the built in SleepIQ® technology and I had to practically peel him off. I have to tell you, these are some super comfortable beds. Add to that the fact that this technology can now helps give you the knowledge to adjust for your best sleep, and you now have a reason to go to bed sooner. Best of all, since the technology is built directly into the bed, there is nothing to wear, nothing to turn on in order to track your sleep and take advantage of the technology's benefits.

Check out the Sleep Number SleepIQ® technology for yourself, use the Sleep Number store locator to find the location nearest you and stop by for a test drive. Learn more about the SleepIQ® technology by visiting the Sleep Number website. Feel free to leave a comment below, I would love to know why you want or need a Sleep Number bed with SleepIQ technology.

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