Dare To Be Bold! + $1 AXE Hair Coupon #BoldNewAXE

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If there were only one word I could use to describe my oldest son, it would most definitely be bold. He is fearless, and not in a daredevil let me jump off this cliff and see if I survive sort of way. No, he is fearless in the fact that he is not afraid to be himself. Over the years his style has changed from skater clothes, only kaki pants and polo shirts, cowboy garb, and finally he has settled on his own unique and eclectic style. He throws things together that shouldn't go together and somehow pulls them off. He is even fearless when it comes to his hairstyle. A few months ago he died it bright blonde, and just a few weeks ago he had me shave the sides and back, leaving the top long, and he rocks it!

It is becoming evident to me, that he is growing into a man right before my eyes. He turns 15 next month. Fifteen you all! His favorite products for styling his hair are AXE products. He loves picking his own scent and the look that they help him achieve.

AXE wants to help men upgrade their style to be bold, progressive and interesting, just like the men they already are. That all starts at the top with the right hair products. Start your day with AXE Shampoo and Conditioner for an irresistible scent that turns heads. Follow it up with the new AXE White Night Cooling Style Cream to give your hair a light, lasting hold and a sharp look that doesn’t seem over-styled.

Right now, you can look like a million bucks for less with AXE! Go to your local CVS this May and save big on AXE Hair for the scent and style you rock so well, at a price that’s great for your budget. 

Here’s how:

1) Check your local paper on 5/17/15 for a $1 off coupon on AXE Hair products.

2) Then head online to print a $1 off coupon available from 5/17/15-(expires 30 days after print). Print it here: 

3) After that, take both your coupons in store and save big: for just one week from 5/17/15-5/23/15, when you spend $15 on AXE Hair products, you will get $5 extrabucks® Rewards!

Style achievement: unlocked. Way to go, man.

Remember, the extrabucks® promotion ends tomorrow, so hurry in for the best deal!  Missed out on the extrabucks®? No problem, you can still redeem the coupons for great savings!

*Sponsored post by Lunchbox, all opinions are 100% my own

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