10 Reasons You Should Choose #BrainChase for Summer Learning and Fun + #Giveaway

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This post is brought to you in collaboration with Brain Chase, all opinions are my own. 

Summer is just around the corner. The boys and I left on our #90DayRoadTrip a little over a week ago, and even though we do carry some school work with us, I still look for fun and engaging ways to fight summer brain drain and keep them learning all year long. I posted last month about the exciting adventure learning program called Brain Chase, and how it really makes the perfect solution for keeping kids engaged and excited about learning during the summer months. Today, I wanted to give you ten of the top reasons why I think you should choose Brain Chase as your summer learning solution.

1. It's a Hunt for Real Treasure!

Brain Chase is an interactive learning program where children are searching for a different "treasure" item each year. This year it is The Sunstone of Cortes. Children will join forces with Mae Merriweather and her team of treasure hunters to uncover clues and eventually find the location of the Sunstone of Cortes. The lucky child who guesses the correct location will be flown out to it, to uncover the actual Sunstone of Cortes treasure as well as $10,000. You can watch the video below to see the video of the Sunstone being made.

2. Keeps Kids Excited and Motivated to Learn 

The entire Brain Chase program is built around getting kids excited about learning, and encouraging them to really "want" to work. As children complete assignments, they will uncover additional videos staring Mae Merriweather and her team. The dashboard itself is interactive and fun, and children earn "guesses" to determine where they think the hidden treasure is located.

3. Affordable Pricing for the While Family

The Brain Chase early bird pricing just ended, but that doesn't mean the savings are over. Brain Chase is a very affordable summer program when you figure in the value of the high quality learning programs you gain access too as well as the other extras that you receive as part of the program. Pricing right now is $199 for the first registration and $100 for each sibling registration after that. There is also a premium package available that comes with a Brain Chase branded backpack, a Brain Chase T-shirt and a Sunstone of Cortes Patch. The premium registration is $249 for the first registration and $149 for each one after that.

4. A New Partnership with Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the most highly acclaimed language learning programs in the world, and Brain Chase has now joined forces to offer a language class to those who sign up for a membership. You have the option of choosing a Rosetta Stone language class in place of the writing requirement, and students can choose from 30+ languages, with the option to switch to another language after the first week.

5. Family Bonding

Brain Chase is ultimately a learning program for children, but with the fun treasure hunting aspect thrown in, it is a great family bonding activity too.

6. Work Must be Completed to Reach Milestones

One of the things I love most about Brain Chase is that work must be completed in order to reach milestones and unlock new clues and information in the race to the treasure. There is no way to cheat or for children to move on without first meeting the requirements.

7. Free Resources at the Brain Chase Adventure Learning Blog 

Brain Chase understands the importance of learning all year long, that is why they have developed the Brain Chase Adventure Learning blog that has resources, articles and information that you can view for free throughout the year to help keep kids excited about learning.

8. Kids Can Work at Their Own Level

As a mom with some children who have academic disabilities, it is important to me to find a program that allows my boys to work at a level they are comfortable with. Even though you have a certain amount of work that needs to be completed each week with Brain Chase, you can choose the level at which your child should work during that time.

9. Real Life Tools for Treasure Hunting

Each year, children will receive real life mail that contains packages of items that can be used for their treasure hunting. These aren't cheap plastic dodads either, they are high quality items that have been well thought out and planned.

10. It Can be Done from Anywhere at Anytime

If you signed your child up for a summer program or tutoring locally, not only would they not have much fun, but you would be tied down to a certain schedule and location for that time period. With Brain Chase, you can work from anywhere that you have a computer and Internet access, and at any time that is convenient for you.

Bonus Info About Brain Chase

If you are a teacher, you can earn $15 for every Brain Chase referral you generate. This could be a great way to share a summer learning program with parents of your students, while earning a commission.

Brain Chase is also holding a library challenge throughout the month of May in four different libraries across the country. These include libraries in Salt Lake City, UT., Seattle, WA., Boston, MA. and Orange County, CA. The Brain Chase website will release a clue on select dates as to were to locate the hidden treasure of $1,000 an a complimentary registration to Brain Chase, so stay tuned to the website all month for more information.


Want to try Brain Chase for yourself? One lucky Life With 4 Boys reader will receive a complimentary Brain Chase registration for one child! To win, comment below letting me know which of the options above are the reason you would most like to sign your child up for Brain Chase. 

Open to US residents 18+. Giveaway ends May 28, 2015 at 11:59pm EST.

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  1. My son is motivated by games and mysteries. He loves mazes. He does not do well in the typical school setting- he's a creative thinker. This would be perfect for us. PS> We homeschool too! That means all the above reasons are why we would love it.

  2. Definitely family bonding, it would be great for me and my oldest son!



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