When Boys Become Men #DeclareYourScent

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Do you know what it is like to be in an enclosed area everyday with four boys who have all just about hit puberty. Yeah, it's not pretty. Some care about hygiene more than others, but it is something that I am trying to push constantly, for my own nose's sake. Goodness gracious there is nothing worse. Now that my oldest is about to turn 15, he is very into the "whole package" so to speak. He is very aware of how he looks and even smells. Since hitting the teenage years, AXE has been a staple in their bathroom.

Besides being popular, the AXE products really work to help keep undesirable scents under control, and at an affordable price. I don't deal well with strong colognes, but I can handle the scent of AXE products, so they are the perfect solution for the males in my house. They comes in a lot of signature scents too, including top fragrances like Phoenix, Apollo and Sport Blast, so that each boy can have their own unique scent.

Right now, AXE is encouraging men to make the AXE switch and #DeclareYourScent at CVS. From April 26th to May 2nd, you can visit a CVS store and when you buy one AXE Shower Gel or Body Wash, you'll get another one 50% off. This way, you can stock up on your favorite scent and save even more.

So, what are you waiting for? Men, head on over to CVS to stock up on AXE and save, or women, do yourself a favor and pick some up for the men and boys in your life.

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