Tips for Changing Out Your Child’s Wardrobe From Winter to Summer

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Is summer almost here already? One of the biggest jobs a parent has when the seasons change is changing clothes in and out. If you’ve ever completed this job, you know there’s nothing easy about it. Check out these tips for changing out your child’s wardrobe from winter to summer. 

Start Organizing the Clothes Early

When the weather starts changing to “warmer” it’s time to start thinking about the wardrobe exchange. Grab the summer clothes out of storage and start washing them. After they are washed, fold them and put them back into the totes until they’re ready to be in their permanent homes for the summer. 

Keep this Process Simple

When storing winter clothes, keep them as simple and organized as possible. Place the same sized clothes together in totes, so transferring them is much easier on you. Children’s clothes can be tricky, so keeping them organized is important. Let’s not forget the importance of labeling the sizes on the sides and top of the totes, so you don’t confused with “what’s what.” 

Put Away the Winter Clothes

As you are taking the winter clothes out of the dressers and closets, make sure you go ahead and put 
them away in storage. I always make sure my laundry is done and everything is put away before I begin this exhausting process. I do this because I do not want winter clothes lingering in the laundry long after I’ve put everything else away. 

Get Rid of Torn & Tattered Clothes as You Organize

As much as you just want to put those winter clothes away, this is a great time to get rid of clothes with tears and holes. Whether you choose to donate or up-cycle the clothes you’ll no longer be using, that’s up to you! Whatever you do, try not to store extra clothes that you no longer need. 

Limit the Amount of Clothing

Clothing is very overwhelming when you look at it in large amounts. Limit the amount of clothing each person in your family has. Keep it simple, like the example below.

  • 7 pairs of shorts
  • 10 shirts
  • 10 pairs of socks
  • 2 nice dress outfits 

Rinse & Repeat

The key to making this winter to summer wardrobe exchange easy, is keeping it uncomplicated and 
starting early. Waiting until the last minute to start this process can result in under-organization, which can also result in complete clothing chaos.

What tips do you have for changing out your child’s wardrobe from winter to summer?

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  1. We change out the clothes every year, get rid of the unworn, unwanted, or overly used items, and sometimes I even swap items with family or friends. I love spring time clothing the kids.

  2. w/younger kids it's always helped me out when I can cut pants in to shorts



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