3 Ways to Encourage a Love of Reading in Children

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Purina for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a homeschooling mom is can be hard to encourage my children to pick up a book. When I was a child I always had a book in my hand. I loved them and they were my escape. In these modern days though, children are far more likely to pick up a cell phone or tablet before they ever pick up their first book. So, what can parents do to help encourage a love of reading in today's kids?

Create a Reading Space

Creating a designated space for reading can help children want to read more often. It can be an entire room or even just a corner. As long as it is colorful, fun and comfy, this designated reading space will help make reading a fun activity that children will enjoy doing.

Choose Engaging Books

Or better yet, let your children choose books based on topics that they love. Does your son love baseball? Then fill his shelves with baseball themed books. For my youngest, it was car themed books that first graced his shelves. As children learn to love reading more, they will branch out to other subjects.

Give Your Child a Reading Buddy

Whether it is yourself, or in our case most of the time, a pet, giving children someone or something to read to helps to encourage them to not only love reading, but to read for longer periods of time too. I can't tell you how many times I have walked in to find Jase curled up with a book and a puppy in his reading corner.

Dollar General understands the importance of having healthy pets and book-loving children. That is why they have teamed up with Purina during the month of April to help you "Do more with your dollar" while also bringing awareness of the importance of literacy in children. Through 4/30/15, Purina will donate $1 to the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, up to $20,000, for every one of the Dollar General digital coupons that is redeemed for Purina products.

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Does your child enjoy reading to your pets? I would love to see a picture, fell free to share them in the comments below!

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  1. My second daughter who needs the most encouragement when it comes to reading has a guinea pig. I'll have to see how she reacts to the idea of reading to him.I'd like to get a dog soon so that will be another way. I usually have a reading corner for the kids, but we need a bigger space now that my boyfriend has moved in. Hopefully, we'll all be comfortable soon with lovely reading corners.Nice post.



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