12 Kid-Friendly Healthy Snacks

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The boys have gotten in the habit of snacking each afternoon. Even though we homeschool they seem to crave snacks right when the traditional school day ends around three. Lately, they have been grabbing whatever is handy, and they aren't always making healthy choices. So, I went on the search for healthy kid-friendly snack ideas that they would love, and that I wouldn't mind them eating right before dinner. Check out some of my favorite options below!

Healthy Kid-Friendly Snacks

1. Goofy Grape Snack ~Crafty Morning

2. Healthy Kids Snack Smiling Apple Teeth ~Domestic Mommyhood

3. Frozen Yogurt Dots ~Skinny Kitchen

4. Bees Knees Peanut Butter No Bake Snack Balls ~See Mom Click

5. Apple Shakers After School Snack ~P is for Preschooler

6. Homemade Honey Nut Snack Mix ~Five Spot Green Living

7. Jicama Cucumber Fruit Cups w/ Chile Lime ~Girlichef

8. Crunchy Cinnamon Banana Chips ~Meatified

9. Healthy Cherry Caterpillar Snack Idea ~Crafty Morning

10. Cherry Cheesecake Bites ~Emily Bites

11. Healthy and Fun Fresh Fruit Kebabs ~Skinny Kitchen

12. Baked Sesame Tofu Sticks ~Kalyn’s Kitchen

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  1. Love these ideas! I try to give my kids healthy snacks

  2. Perfect snack solutions for the kids, and much better options, i love how creative some of these are, love making the snacks fun, the kids eat more when the food is presented in a fun way.

  3. Not sure my comment made it....
    I wanted to thank you for all the great ideas here. I must try some of them in the very near future!
    CalifKitties {at} Aol {dot} com



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