The Most Important Part of Road Trip Preparation #TireSafetyFirst

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It's no secret that the boys and I love to take road trips. Just last summer I drove them over 14,000 miles across the Northwest United States. This year, we are headed out on a 90 day road trip to finish up the last of the 48 contiguous states. There are a lot of checklists I go through before departing on a road trip whether it is a short weekend drive or a long trek across many states. There is one thing though, that gets much more attention than the rest, and that I consider to be the most important part of road trip preparation, and that is a tire safety check. My boys are my world, and there is no way that I would head out on the road in a vehicle that had unsafe tires.

Luckily, Discount Tire knows how important tire safety is for those traveling this Spring and Summer. That is why they offer a free air pressure check and tire inspection. I took advantage of this free service just this past week in preparation for a short road trip to my sister's this past weekend. Just one of many road trips I have coming up in the near future.

All I had to do was go to the Discount Tire website and schedule an appointment for a free air pressure check and tire inspection. There were times available that same day, and once I arrived there was no wait. A friendly employee came out and checked our tire tread with a gauge. He indicated that our front two tires which are fairly new were well into the green zone and just fine, but that out back two tires were showing a bit of wear and should probably be replaced before embarking on any long trips.

After checking the tire tread, we pulled our van into the bay to have our tire pressure check and filled up. The whole process was over in less than 10 minutes, and there way no pressure to purchase. I left knowing that I will likely replace the two back tires before our 90 day trip begins, and with such great service, we will definitely be returning to Discount Tire to do it.

Are you hitting the road with your family this Spring or Summer? Changing tires from Winter to Spring? Stop by Discount Tire and let the friendly staff perform a free air pressure check and tire inspection so that you can head off on your next adventure confident in your vehicle's safety.

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