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With homeschooling the boys full time, traveling with them more than a third of the year and working full time, it can be hard to find the time to go to the doctor's office for non-emergencies. There are always those times when you want to talk to a doctor though just to ask some questions and get some piece of mind. When those times roll around, trying to line up a doctor's appointment, pack the kids in the car and drive across town can be daunting, just to sit for hours in a waiting room. Now, there is a better option. Amwell lets you or your child see a doctor without ever leaving your home!

About Amwell 
"Amwell is the nation’s largest telehealth company, connecting users with their choice of doctor for immediate, live online visits—day or night, on either mobile or desktop. Some general conditions our doctors encounter include: minor illnesses and injuries, general health and wellness concerns, prescription refills, and chronic condition management.  We employ primary care and specialist physicians, as well as behavioral therapists and nutritionists, to meet all our patients’ needs. Amwell doctors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are dedicated to keeping you healthy  -- and all from the comfort of your home."

Our Experience with Amwell

You might think that there is never a time when you would need a service like this, but you would be wrong. Think about that time you child had an on-going high fever and you worried for hours before giving in and dragging him to the doctor only to be told it would be find with some medicine? Think how much easier it would have been to talk to a licensed doctor from the comfort of your home and get the same peace of mind. I'll never forget on our summer trip this past year when Jase was closing the trunk of the van and the corner hit him in the forehead. He had a huge lump and I laid awake all night worrying about him. Amwell could have put my mind at ease instantly.

I was recently given the opportunity to test out a doctor's visit on the Amwelll website, and I have to say, I am very impressed. First of all, you can access the Amwell service from a computer or their mobile app. You can speak face to face with a registered doctor who is licensed to practice medicine in your state.

When you first visit the site, you setup a free account, and then add children to it as well if you will be using the service for them. When you login again, you choose the profile you wish to use for your visit.

There is an area for you to add your medical history so that the doctor has full knowledge of your medical past to best help answer your questions and provide a diagnosis.

When you are ready to see a doctor, you simply go to the screen to see which ones are available. There are general physicians, therapists and even nutritionists available and they alternate throughout the day.

I chose to see a doctor about my oldest's rash on his arm. We were fairly certain it was poison ivy from our trip in the woods this past weekend, but I wanted to make sure.

When you launch the application online to see the doctor, you can test out your computer to make sure the program will run properly.

Once inside the "waiting room," a video of instructions and tips will play while you wait. You are able to see how many people are ahead of you, and the average wait time is less than 10 minutes. You can also opt to have a text sent to your phone when the doctor is ready to see you.

As you talk to the doctor, they are able to leave notes and provide information about your diagnosis in the boxes in the pull-out menu to the right side of the screen. After the visit is done, you can choose to save a copy of the transcript or have it emailed to you. If the doctor has a prescription, they will send it to the preferred pharmacy that you have listed.

All in all, we were very satisfied with the Amwell service. The process of obtaining our doctor's visit was very simple, and we were able to know that Joshua does in fact have poison ivy, and how to treat it. I will definitely be utilizing Amwell should we need to speak to a doctor while traveling on our 90 day road trip this summer, or in our daily lives or non-emergencies here at home.

Try it for Free!

If you would like to give Amwell a try for free, you can use the code "MOMSQUAD" on the site to receive your free visit.

Download the app and get started with your first free visit today by clicking the link below!

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  1. This is such a awesome option and huge time saver, and I love the wait is less then 10 min. I would definitely use this service. Very easy to use too!



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