Sponsored: What is Your Flavour of Home?

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This post is brought to you in collaboration with Knorr, all opinions are my own. 

What is your flavour of home? You know, that special taste or dish that can instantly transport you into your mom's kitchen and is reminiscent of a familiar home cooked meal made by mom? For me, it is my mom's fried chicken gravy. I have never seen anyone else make it before in my life, and it is by far my most familiar taste of home. Knorr understands the importance that the flavours of home can provide. They are dedicated to bringing flavour into people's lives. Check out Knorr's new Flavours of Home campaign video below, I'll warn you to get your tissues ready!

Did you know that 75% of people say that just one taste of their mom's home cooking is enough to bring back happy memories from childhood? Taste is a truly powerful thing. But flavor is about more than taste, it is about emotion and certain foods are definitely tied to triggers in our brains. Available in over 87 countries around the world, Knorr is working with a team of over 300 chefs to create great tasting products that can help spread the Flavour of Home across the globe! Just like Carmen from the video above who discovered her Flavour of Home away in the Arctic, we all have that special dish that can instantly transport us back home.

So, what is your favorite flavour of home?


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  1. I love the Knorr sides flavors, great way to compliment any meal, and they are easy to prepare when i need to save time in the kitchen. I love my dads steak and potatoes.



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