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If you are a mom of a child with any type of gaming device, then you have probably heard of Skylanders. An interactive video game experience that has been sweeping the nation for the last few years. Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to put together your child's Easter basket than with products from your child's favorite video game? Skylanders Trap Team has created some awesome Easter-themed characters and traps to help put a smile on children's faces as they rush to their baskets on Easter morning.

About Skylanders

First introduced with Skylanders Spyro's Adventure in 2011, Sklanders is an interactive video game that bridges the gap between virtual and real-world play with characters that come to life both on the screen and off. Available on multiple platforms, this amazing adventure allows children or "portal masters" to bring characters to life with collectible character figurines that can be launched into the game via the portal for virtual play.

Spyro's Adventures was quickly followed by Skylanders Giants in 2012 and Skylanders Swap Force in 2013. The latest adventure in the Skylanders' Franchise is Skylanders Trap Team. With Skylanders Trap Team, "portal masters" can now bring Skyands' most wanted foes into the real world by capturing them using a variety of traps and transporting them via the Traptanium Portal. Once captured, these foes can be returned to Skyland as playable characters!

Skylanders Trap Team is available on Nintendo Wii™, Wii U™, 3DS™, Xbox 360™, Xbox One™, PlayStation®3 ,PlayStation®4 , Apple iPad 3rd Generation, iPad 4th Generation, iPad Mini Retina, iPad Air, Kindle Fire HDX (7” & 8.9”), Google Nexus 7 (2013), Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro (8.4”, 10.1”, 12.2”), Samsung Galaxy Tab S (8.4”, 10.5”), Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) and Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.

New Easter-Themed Skylanders Trap Team Products

There are three new Skylanders Trap Team Easter-Themed products available this Spring. The Eggsellent Weeruptor has been chosen as the mascot of the annual Dragon Egg Hunt. He has disguised himself as a candy-coated egg and captured Spyro, Cynder and Drobot in a Traptanium basket. What he lacks in point-getting he makes up for in Eggsellence!

Next up is the Power Punch Pet-Vac. He was the most daring flyer in all of Windham with magical wings that were gifted to him when he was young. When is village was raided though, he chose to sacrifice his wings to a young mother who flew her children to safety. His brave action was not unnoticed and Master Eon granted him a device that would allow him to soar through the skies again. Jet-Vac accepted the gift and now soars through the sky fighting evil with other Skylanders.

The last Easter-themed Skylanders Trap Team product is the Bunny Earth Trap. It is one of the most unique traps ever created, and contains a bunny-themed design.

Creating Skylanders Easter Baskets 

I was recently sent some Skylanders products to create Easter baskets for the boys with. It was a ton of fun really getting into the theme of each Skylanders' product line, especially the Trap Team one with their new Easter-themed products. Creating Skylanders Easter Baskets is really pretty simple. Just add in some of your favorite products including the new Easter-themed items, and then grab some tempting candy, snacks and other goodies to go inside.

For mine, I grabbed items that fit the theme. Chinese finger traps, sticky silly string and a chocolate Easter bunny maze for the Skylanders Trap Team Basket. A collection of giant chalk crayons, giant balloons and a giant lollipop for the Skylanders Giants Basket, and I swapped out a regular chocolate bunny for a Snickers one, tossed in some glow in the dark tattoos and some other "swap" related items for the Swap Force basket.

Want to learn more about the Skylanders Easter-themed products? Visit the Skylanders website or connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. My nephew loves these Skylanders toys and figurines. Very fun for him, he has so many of them, great theme for a Easter basket.



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