Race Into Spring with New Reebok Zig Tech Big N' Fast EX Shoes #Zig #IC

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I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Reebok and Finish Line. I received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

Here in Florida, Spring has arrived! The last few days have been gorgeous, the strawberries and pear trees are blooming, and the boys are heading outside to run and play more and more each day! I love this time of year. Here in Florida the Summer can get unbearably hot, and I know you Northerners laugh, but 50's are cold for us in the Winter and I can't get the boys to go outside for long, but the Spring pushes everyone outdoors. It is this time of year that I love to get the boys new shoes. We are just a few months away from our Summer road trip where we will do plenty of hiking and camping, and they need shoes that can stand up to everyday use and provide the right amount of support too.

That's why I was so excited to have the chance to team up with Reebok and Finish Line to review the new Reebok Zig Tech Big N' Fast EX shoes for kids. My youngest hasn't had a new pair of shoes since the school year started, and while he has plenty of shoes and his are still in decent shape, it was time to get something new that wasn't worn out and could help him get through all of our Spring and Summer adventures. Plus, his feet have grown a ton, and it was time to size up!

About Reebok Zig Tech Big N' Fast EX Shoes

I know the name is a mouthful, but these shoes are about as cool as shoes can possibly get. Kids love the fun zig zag look of the sole of the shoe, and moms love that these shoes are durable and provide great support for growing feet. Reebok Zig Technology shoes are created with a lightweight foam in a fun looking zig zag pattern that provides the ultimate support and shock absorption. These shoes can support your little one's feet without weighing them down. Plus, they come in a wide range of cool color combos too.

Our Finish Line Shopping Experience

The Reebok Zig Tech Big N' Fast EX Shoes are available at local Finish Line stores, and online at FinishLine.com. We decided to visit our local store in the mall because it had been a while since we measured for Jase's shoe size, and I like to make sure shoes fit before we buy them. There were two different color options of the Reebok Big N' Fast EX sneakers in the store. One was an aqua blue and white color and the other was grey with neon yellow laces. Jase chose the blue, and was super happy with them.

An employee was more than happy to help us measure his foot, and then she went to the back to retrieve his size. She even suggested measuring up a half size to give his foot room to grow. I hadn't thought of that, and took her advice. Jase fell in love with this Rebook shoes right then and there, and we could not leave the store without them on his feet.

Racing Into Spring with Reebok Zig Tech Big N' Fast EX Shoes

It has been a few days since we bought Jase his new Reebok Zig Tech shoes, and he is still loving them. He says they are super comfy, and is absolutely convinced that they have turned him into a super hero that can run at super speed, as you can see from the photo below.

If you are looking for a lightweight shoe that is great for almost any active activity your child could so, then I would highly suggest checking out the new Reebok Big N' Fast EX sneakers. They seem to be durable, and we have had other Reebok Zig Techs in the past and they have lasted forever!

Want to purchase a pair for your child? You can visit your local Finish Line store or check out the selection at FinishLine.com.

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