Fight Summer Brain Drain with a Virtual Amazing Race for Kids

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This post is brought to you in collaboration with Brain Chase and the Motherhood, all opinions are my own. 

Who will be the first to the finish line to find the treasure chest with a real life $10,000 prize? That is the questions 2nd-8th grade students around the country are asking themselves as summer approaches, and the Brain Chase adventure gets ready to begin. A 5-week online summer learning challenge that focuses on reading, writing and math, this virtual treasure hunt is just what children need to inspire them to win and fight summer brain drain!

As you all know by now, the boys and I go on a huge summer adventure each year. This year is a 90 day road trip across the Midwest and East coast states. One of the things I struggle with most during our trips is trying to find ways to keep their minds engaged and learning. That is why, for part of our trip this year, the boys will be taking part in the Brain Chase learning program. For five weeks they will compete against other kids across the country in a race to discover the location of the real life treasure, and complete daily and weekly learning challenges for a chance to win the grand prize of a $10,000 scholarship.

What Does Brain Chase Include?

  • 5 weeks of structured challenges on external reading and math websites
  • Weekly writing exercises with feedback from credentialed teachers
  • Weekly progress reports emailed to parents
  • Exclusive access to an original animated adventure series loaded with hidden puzzles and clues
  • 3 adventure tools mailed to your home to help solve special bonus challenges
  • Participation in a massive global treasure hunt for a golden trophy containing the key to a safe deposit box holding $10,000
Sounds incredibly cool right? Each participant in Brain Chase will receive three adventure tools, and these are super great quality items. The boys loved getting our shipment of items, and fought over who got to use them first. I also love that this program allows each child to work and his or her own pace. We homeschool and already use Khan Academy for math, they do testing to put your child at a level that is right for them. With the reading, children can choose from 100's of books that fit a level they are comfortable with.

How Much Does Brain Chase Cost?

Right now, we are still in the early bird sign up period. Signing up before April 15th gets you in at a rate of $149 for the first child and $100 for each child after that. Signing up after April 15th will see the rate change to $199 for the first child and $100 for each additional child. Right now though, you can use the code 4BOYS15 to get an additional 15% off the early bird pricing, making it just $127 for the first child to receive a 5 week summer learning program!

How to Participate in Brain Chase?

Once you have signed up, you can officially join the Brain Chase fun on Monday, June 22, 2015 at 9a.m. EST. Each week the adventurers have four tasks: read for 15 minutes per day, write one journal entry, earn 10,000 points on Khan Academy, and do one bonus challenge. When they’re done, they unlock the next webisode, which contains hidden pictures, numbers, and riddles to help them guess the treasure’s location.

Kids can follow Mae Merriweather and her friends as they search for this year's treasure, the Sunstone of Cortes. To find it, they will have to take a virtual trip around the world! Students who complete their daily tasks will have the chance once per 24 hours to place a pin in their guess as to where the real life treasure it located.

Who will be the winner? There is only one way to find out. Take advantage of early sign up savings, and get ready to fight summer brain drain with this incredibly fun and motivating virtual amazing race!

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