Champions for Kids - Helping Fight Hunger with #SnacksforStudents

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This post is brought to you in collaboration with The Motherhood and Champion for Kids, all opinions are my own. 

I've spoken before about how the issue of hunger is close to my heart, and how I have some personal experience with not being able to provide enough for for my family many years ago. Back then we received the help we needed through the help of charitable organizations, and now that I have the ability, I support causes that help fight hunger in my local community when I can. Champions for Kids, General Mills, Kellogg's, Emerald and Kettle Chips teamed up recently to run a campaign in local Walmart stores across the country to help donate thousands of dollars worth of snacks to district schools and other non-profit youth organizations to help fight childhood hunger!

The #SnacksforStudents Program

From February 18th - March 4th, shoppers could visit more than 3,600 Walmart stores nationwide, to purchase snack and breakfast items for kids, and place them in the labeled donation bins by the entrance. All donations from this initiative stayed in the local communities and were donated to the designated organizations. Orgnaization leaders could sign up their non-profit youth organization as a Community Champion on the Champion for Kids website. After donations were collected, the organizations were alerted to go and pick up the donated items for the children in their organization.

In addition, Champions for Kids, General Mills, Kellogg's, Emerald and Kettle Chips are providing 13 awards totaling $45,000 to school districts and participating youth-based organizations based on the total number of donated items collected at each store!

Champion for Kids began their SIMPLE Giving Programs in 2013 in local Arkansas Walmart's, and it has since grown to include Walmart's across 11 states in 2014. Snack for Students is the first initiative of many to be launched this year with the ultimate goal of providing resources to 10 million children in 2015!

Be sure to check the Champions for Kids website often to see what new SIMPLE Giving Programs are currently running, and help give back to fight childhood hunger in your community.

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