Birchbox Vs. Ipsy February 2015 Subscription Box Comparison #Beauty

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So, in case you haven't heard about the beauty subscription boxes sweeping the Internet, Birchbox and Ipsy are two subscription based boxes that come ones a month full of sample-sized and sometimes full-sized beauty products. I recently signed up for each of these subscriptions on my own dime, and thought it would be fun to do a monthly post comparing the two to see who comes out ahead each month. I am terribly late this month, but the boxed usually come by around the 14th, so look for posts around the time in coming months.

About Ipsy and Birchbox

These two monthly beauty subscription boxes are very similar. They are both the same price at $10 a month, and that includes shipping. They also both include around the same amount of samples each month, usually 4-5. Birchbox, as the name would imply, comes in an adorably decorated box, while Ipsy comes in a signature purple metallic colored mailer with a new makeup bag included each month.

To some extent, you have no idea what is coming in your boxes each month. You take a beauty style quiz when you sign up for each of these subcriptions so they know you wants and needs, but other than that it is usually blind. On occasion, Birchbox or Ipsy will send you an email to let you help choose or customize what is in your box. For instance, for March Birchbox has sent me an email allowing me to choose one of three haircare samples, choose their custom beauty box or just let them surprise me based on my beauty profile. I chose to be surprised, because I love surprises and don't get them any other way!

Birchbox Vs. Ipsy February 2015

So, let's get down to it. Shall we?

What Came in my Birchbox Box?

What Came in my Ipsy Bag?

To see a video review of Birchbox Vs Ipsy February 2015, just check out the video below!

If it isn't clear from reading the above, Ipsy was the clear winner for me this month. Just the Luxie Beauty makeup brush almost covered the cost of subscription and their items just fit me and my personal style better. You never know what might happen next month, so check back then! If you want to sign up for either of these subscriptions, I would love it if you would consider using my referral links below!

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  1. Nice review! I love Ipsy as well. I think they have a good variety of items.



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