20 New Year's Eve Ideas for Kids

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New Years Eve Ideas for Kids

The Christmas rush is over, and now people everywhere are looking forward to the start of the New Year! I know I am, I have a million and one different ideas for 2015 just running around in my head. We typically think of New Year's as a holiday for adults, but kids like to get in on the fun just as much. That's why I am planning a big New Year's bash for the boys this year. Below you will find 20 New Year's Eve ideas for kids, I am going to be using some these fantastic ideas for our party this year.

New Year's Eve Food Ideas for Kids

Homemade Cotton Candy

Idea from Cooking Books

Black and White Cheesecake Clock

New Year's Breadstick Dippers

New Year's Jello Jigglers

Snowman Cheese Ball

Kid's New Year's Cupcakes

Gummy Bear Mocktails

New Year's Eve Crafts for Kids

Wishing Wands

Homemade Pop Rockets

Paper Bowl Noisemakers

New Year's Goat Craft 

Toddler Friendly New Year's Party Poppers

New Year's Glitter Playdough

Fireworks in a Jar

New Year's Eve Activities for Kids

New Year's Resolution Activity Sheet

From JinxyKids

New Year's Balloon Countdown

New Year's Bingo Printable

New Year's Photo Memory Game

Kid's New Year's Celebration Kit

New Year's Photo Props

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  1. Some great ideas and I will be having my 5 kids and my 2 nieces and nephew tonight alone so may have to figure some things out.

  2. I love all these great ideas! The kids would enjoy these a lot. I will have to do some of these next year.

  3. These are all unique and fun ideas to get the kids excited about the New Year. Some of these can be reinvented for things other then new years.

  4. My grandsons didn't last long this New Years Eve, LOL. However, the Paper Bowl Noisemakers is such a cute idea that they would love to make, any time of year!

  5. These are cool ideas! I will use some next year



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