6 Reasons We Visit Local Parks #OurLand

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This post is brought to you in collaboration with MomDot Media and The Trust for Public Land, all opinions are my own. 

If you have been a reader of this site for any length of time, it is not secret that the boys and I travel a lot. In fact, we travel together about a third of the year, and most of that is travel spent outdoors. I love the great outdoors. I love to be outside, to explore new areas on foot, to step where past pioneers of our country have stepped and to breathe in the fresh air. I love fishing, hiking and getting my breath taken away by a beautiful sunset or remarkably peaceful site. This is a love that I am passing onto my boys. There are so many reasons that we love visiting local parks no matter where our travels take us.

1. To Learn About the Past

Many local parks are built around historical locations. One of the main reasons we visit them is to take in a bit of that history and learn about the past of this country. I always try to find free local historic parks to visit when we arrive in a new city.

2. To Attend Local Events

Here in our town a lot of local events and festivals are held at our local parks and the same is true for cities across the country. You really can't beat escaping the city streets for a bit of green and a great local event. We recently attended the Tallahassee Asian Festival at a local park downtown, and it was so nice to see the moss laden trees all around us and to lounge on the soft grass enjoying our lunch and the entertainment.

3. To Escape the City

Many local parks can be found right in the heart of big cities. These parks provide a change of scenery and place to experience the outdoors in a location where it wouldn't otherwise be possible. Be loved the Citygarden Park in downtown St. Louis when we visited this summer.

4. To Fish

One of the boys favorite activities is fishing, and they love that it is possible to do it at many local parks. Some of our best catches came from visiting local parks this summer on our #70DayRoadTrip.'

5. To Hike

Hiking is my personal favorite outdoor activity. I love that a short hike can reward you with something you wouldn't otherwise see. Feet can go where cars can't, and it is only through hiking and connecting with the nature around us that we have been able to see some of the truly amazing views on our trips.

6. To Have Our Breath Taken Away

Every once in a while you come across something so beautiful that it literally takes your breath away. You just stand there in awe wondering how something so perfect could still exist in this crazy booming country. It doesn't happen as often as I would like, but when it does, it is a rewarding experience.

I can't tell you how important I think it is for families to unplug and get outdoors with each other. It is a great way to connect as a family and with the world around us. Unfortunately, the outdoors and open spaces in America are disappearing at an alarming rate, nearly 6,000 acres per day!

That is why organizations like The Trust for Public Land are so close to my heart. They strive to make sure that everyone can have a healthy connection to nature through local parks, working lands and wild places. Since 1972, they have protected more than 3 million acres and and completed over 5,000 park and conservation projects.

I created a virtual postcard on The Trust for Public Land telling why the outdoors are so important to us, and you can to. Just upload a photo or video to create your own virtual postcard and help support public land!

Do you love the outdoors as much as we do? Click the photo above and make your own virtual postcard to share with your social media followers today!

Why do you love your local parks?

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  1. I wish I could travel more. Your pictures are beautiful and really is giving me the travel bug. And your reasons for traveling are awesome. I like that you look for educational opportunities for your kids. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We hike in our state parks a lot. My kids always have fun exploring in the woods.

  3. These are definitely some great reasons to visit your local parks. My fiance and I have 4 boys and 2 girls between the 2 of us. I'll definitely be following along with more of your adventures. :)

  4. We love to visit our local parks. We live a mile from a national park and we spend a lot of time there exploring, hiking and riding our bikes.

  5. Beautiful pics - we love to visit parks. We have a huge state park close to us - they offer so many great activities for the kids.

  6. Love visiting the parks. Your pictures are so beautiful.

  7. That is amazing scenery. We have visited a good majority of the parks in the US and we have some of our best family vacation memories visiting those parks. I will have to look for my pictures and think about making a postcard too.

  8. The pictures are really great. I looks like you have a lot of fun family time. We love to go walk and look at the alligators in our state park.

  9. Your local parks look gorgeous! We have a few local parks that we love visiting!

  10. Your pictures are beautiful!! I love visiting our local parks (well not so much in our single digit winter temperatures). It is such a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature.

  11. Getting outdoors and unplugged really is important. I love your pictures, and the one makes me want to go fishing. :)

  12. I great up near a National Park, so I agree with all this! I'm grateful so much beauty is being preserved for future generations.

  13. These photos are absolutely gorgeous! We have some great parks near us. We love to go hiking!

  14. Those are some fabulous pics you got too! I love making sure we see our local wildlife!

  15. We love to fish and explore. We need to take more trips and go camping!

  16. Your local parks look like a great place to visit with so much to do. We enjoy visiting our local parks also. Hope to do more of that in 2015.

  17. Wow, those are some BEAUTIFUL pictures! We can sometimes forget how beautiful our land is. We definitely need to protect it!



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