$4 Dollar Tree Thanksgiving Wreath #DIY

8:00 AM

Frugal crafts are my jam. Honestly, I cannot afford to go buy expensive holiday decorations, so whenever I think I can save some money and make something pretty for the home, I am game. Wreaths are something that can be quite expensive to buy, so I try to make them whenever I can. I found these fabric leaves that I had purchased at the Dollar Tree and used for a co-op preschool class in the bottom of a drawer the other day and decided to throw together a quick Thanksgiving wreath for $4!


Small green foam wreath form
Fabric Fall leaves
Small squash and berry embellishments
Hot glue


Step 1: Hot glue multi-colored fabric Fall leaves around one side of your green foam wreath form.

Step 2: Hot glue berries to the small squash embellishments from the Dollar Tree.

Step 3: Glue the squash and berry embellishments to the top of your leaf covered wreath form, and display on a shelf. A ribbon or twine can be added for hanging if desired. 

What is your favorite way to save money on seasonal decor?

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  1. You would never know you only spent $4 on this wreath. It is super cute and would be perfect as a centerpiece on Thanksgiving!

  2. Wow you only spent $4 looks like way more than that! Great job, I love making wreaths.

  3. what a great wreath to make with our Girl Scouts, easy on the budget and easy enough to make-thanks for sharing

  4. This wreath is so original! I want to try to make one!

  5. That is so super cute. And so affordable to make. I shop at Dollar Tree all the time.

  6. That's a really nice idea! I love DIY stuff. Thanks!

  7. Looks very nice! Thanks for sharing



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