Civil War Fort at Boonesboro #70DayRoadTrip #Travel

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The Civil War Fort at Boonesboro #travel #familytravel #70DayRoadTrip

When we stopped in Kentucky we knew we would find a lot of history. Little did I know that one such monument of the past was only a few minutes away from our campsite. The Civil War Fort at Boonesboro is what is left of the old earthwork fortification which was held by the Union soldiers during the Civil War in defense of the Kentucky River. The boys and I had the privilege of walking in the footsteps of those soldiers, and touring what is left of this legacy of the past.

Because the Civil War Fort at Boonesboro was an earthwork fortification, there is no actual building still standing. With these types of fortifications, debris was usually placed out in front to hinder advancing troops, a tall fence of posts was erected after that, and then a deep ditch was dug down in the ground. After the ditch, the land was higher, and cannons could be placed there to fire on an advancing threats. It was interesting to learn about how effective these simply earthwork fortifications could be.

There is a replica of an old Civil War cannon at the location now, along with several placards and signs that depict different scenes, and explain the history of the Civil War Fort at Boonesboro, as well as that of the troops stationed here.

The climb up to the earthwork fort is a bit of a haul uphill, but the view of the Kentucky River below is beautiful, and the fields of wildflowers are a welcomed site. Be sure to check out the stone wall too. These ancient stone walls were constructed of flat rocks found in the area that were stacked together.

A self guided cell phone tour is available on site for those who want the narration, and some beautiful murals depicting life in the surrounding area line the parking area for the fort. For more information on this historical attraction, you can visit, and admission is free.

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  1. This is the kind of stop my husband loves to explore. He likes to take advantage of historical sites and learn all he can about them.

  2. It's funny how such a war-torn area looks so peaceful now. I love that stone wall!

  3. I am SUCH a fan of Civil War history, so I would love this (and love the pictures!)

  4. I had a Civil War class in college, it's one of my favorite history topics... and my son seems to be taking after me. We would love to visit Boonesboro!



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