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Tour the scenic covered Bridges of Madison County. #70dayroadtrip #travel #familytravel

I am going to be honest and say that when I planned our stop at Walnut Woods State Park in Iowa, I had no idea that the bridges of Madison County were close by. In fact, it was just a minor stop that was in a convenient place when I looked on the map. Just a rest over between Sioux Falls and St. Louis. However, some of the best things in life happen spontaneously, and this ended up being one of them. As we drove closer to the campground, I began to see signs on the side of the road for the bridges, and I knew that our only full day in the area would be spent touring the Bridges of Madison County.

If you are going to do a self driving tour of the bridges, which is what I would recommend, then I suggest starting out at Imes Bridge by St. Charles, Iowa. Many of the bridges are clustered together out in Winterset, but then you have to drive out to Imes and back into Winterset to hit Roseman Bridge on the other side.

When touring the Bridges of Madison County, the St. Charles welcome center is a great place to begin. Here, you can pick up a map of the area and the bridges themselves. This map also points out other fun historical stops in the are like the Birthplace of John Wayne.

Imes bridge will be the first stop on your map if you start here. The Imes bridge was built in 1870 and now sits in a park near St. Charles.

Next stop on our tour of the Bridges of Madison County was Holliwell Bridge. Known as the longest covered bridge, it spans 122 feet, and was featured in the movie The Bridges of Madison County.

Driving into the town of Winterset from Holliwell Bridge, you will across the City Park, which now holds the Cutler-Donahoe Bridge. Built in 1870, this bridge is 79 feet long, and was relocated to the park from its original location. The City Park is a fun place to stop when touring with kids. They have a great playground, and an incredibly fun and free hedge maze.

On your was to Cedar Bridge, stop by and see the birthplace of John Wayne. You can purchase tour tickets there if you like, but the house itself is free to view from the outside.

Cedar Bridge is just a few miles outside of Winterset, and was featured on the cover of the original Bridges of Madison County novel. Unfortunately, the original bridge built in 1883 was destroyed by arson, and a replica was built in its place in 2004. This is the only covered bridge in Madison County that you are permitted to drive through.


From Cedar Bridge, you can backtrack a few miles and head to Hogback Bridge. Built in 1884, the Hogback Bridge is 97 feet long and was renovated in 1992.

The last bridge on your self guided tour should be Roseman Bridge located almost 10 miles to the West of Winterset. Featured in both the book and movie versions of The Bridges of Madison County, this bridge is 107 feet long, was built in 1883 and was renovated in 1992. We had some fun at this bridge, taking some silly shots, and the boys found a pretty good rolling hill here too.

Touring the Bridges of Madison County is an inexpensive day of fun for the whole family. There are plenty of stops for the kids to let off some energy, and the history behind these beautiful bridges is something everyone should get to experience. Entry to all the bridges is free, and the only cost is the gas you spend during your drive. If touring the bridges in your own vehicle, be aware that some of the bridges are down gravel or dirt roads so be prepared.

Have you ever toured the Bridges of Madison County?

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  1. This is a great stop on your journey! I am not usually a bridge fan but I could see myself really loving these.

  2. These are some great photos of the bridges. You're getting to see so much cool stuff on your trip. I am envious!

  3. Such beautiful pictures of the bridges!

  4. What a total treat to see all of these. You did the most awesome things!!!

  5. My husband suprised me for my birthday in 2010 and we came to Iowa for a long weekend, from the UK; JUST to see the bridges! We returned again last year, once again; for the Covered Bridges Festival. I always wanted to visit after seeing 'the film' but now our hearts lie in Winterset and surrounding areas for so many other reasons. I never thought I would feel truly homesick for a place we've only so far visited twice. If we could pack up and move today we would and make it out final destination in life. The people are some of the nicest people we've ever had the good fortune to meet!

  6. Lisa, I know exactly what you mean. I could have driven that countryside forever. Everyone that we came into contact here was genuinely nice, which was a great change from some other areas we have been too. So glad you have had the opportunity to experience this beautiful area twice.

    1. Stop it're making me want to go back more than ever!! Ha ha. So glad you enjoyed it as much as we did! :-)



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