4 Ways to Make Time With Family More Fun

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This post is brought to you in collaboration with Coca-Cola, all opinions are my own. 

Summer is a time for family to get together and have fun. This time together with family members, some of which you may not have seen all year is precious. You want to spend it having as much fun as possible, and not fussing over the details. My family reunion was this weekend, and it was so fun to come together and have a blast with everyone with the help of Coca-Cola and Walmart, and their effortless meals. The tips below can help you have more fun with family this summer too, while worrying less about the things that don't matter.

The More the Merrier

Invite more people! That is the number one way to make time with your family more fun. Our family reunion is always something the boys and I look forward to the most, because we get the chance to see family members that we haven't seen all year. The more family members you can get together in one place, the more fun you are sure to have reminiscing and catching up.

Play Games!

Games are always fun, with family or without. Having the chance to beat family members at a game of cornhole or horseshoes makes it even more fun though! Make sure to have plenty of fun games for family members of all ages to play.

Just Say No to Electronics

Want to increase the fun and eliminate any possible drama at a family get together? Ditch the electronics. Everyone can handle one day without being on the phone, computer or video games. It may be hard, but put electronics away, and you will find yourself connecting with family more and having more fun.

Make it Simple

Being with family should be fun and memorable. You shouldn't have to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen to make a meal. I spent most of the morning of our reunion helping to get things ready. Everyone brings something to share, and I didn't want the extra stress of cooking something too. So, I swung by Walmart to pick up an Effortless Meal.

Coca-Cola has teamed up with Walmart to offer Effortless Meals to customers. Pair a 16" pizza, sub sandwich or rotisserie chicken with a 2-Liter of Coca-Cola at one low price, enter the UPC code from any qualifying meal, along with your MCR code, and recieve 10 bonus points!

Pretty good deal, an Effortless Meal, more time for fun with the family, and bonus MCR points to boot. I picked up a 16" Cheese Pizza to bring to my family reunion along with a 2 liter of Coca-Cola for less than $10, and scored my bonus My Coke Reward Points, and you can too! To learn more about the Effortless Meals and My Coke Reward Bonus Points promotion, you can visit the My Coke Rewards website and learn how you can get more when you make more time for fun with your family!

How do you make time with family more fun?

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  1. I don't know about the just say no to electronics part! It would be very hard.

  2. One thing I loved about being on a cruise was unplugging!

  3. We used a few of those Effortless Meals from Walmart & Coca-Cola when we had family and friends here for our daughter's graduation in May. Less time in the kitchen meant more time around the table making memories, and that made the time so much more special!

  4. I love the quick and easy meals at Walmart. There is a million things you can do with one of those chickens!

  5. I love these tips... just perfect! I especially like the last two.

  6. These are great tips for more family time fun. I'm especially in agreement with time unplugged.

  7. We love playing games as a family and it has even become a tradition for us during certain holidays. Family fun time is so important!

  8. I'm a huge MCR user. HUGE! I've been collecting and redeeming points since they first started that program. :)



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