Laura's Star and the Dream Monsters Interactive App for Kids

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A while back I posted a review of a fun interactive app for kids called Laura's Journey to the Stars. Well, Laura's Star is back and up to even more mischief in the new interactive children's app "Laura's Star and the Dream Monsters! In this new app, children can use their imaginations to help guide Laura, her star and her brother Tommy through the City of Dreams safely, to help find Tommy's missing toy dog.

Laura's Star and the Dream Monsters

In this new "Laura's Star" app, Laura's brother Tommy has had his stuffed dog go missing. Laura's star turns Tommy's bed into a boat so that they can sail together into the City of Dreams, because they think the Dream Monsters have stolen Tommy's stuffed dog. This is an exciting story line or kids without being overly frightening, it adds adventure withing scaring little ones.

The app features the beautiful illustrations that this series is so known for. These come from children's book illustrator Klaus Baumgart. I love the illustrations and how they really draw kids into the story. With over 60 animations in all scenes from fun sound effects to interactive play options, there is plenty to keep kid's engaged as they steer Tommy's bed through obstacles and find their way home through a fun maze!

Perhaps my favorite part of the app is the read along feature. This helps kids learn to read as they follow along with the native speakers through the story. The read along function is available in English, Mandarin Chinese and German.

Buy It!

Laura's Star and the Dream Monsters is available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon for just $2.99. This is a great value for an app that is age appropriate and provides hours of fun with no worries about in-app purchases.

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What kind of interactive apps do you love for your kids?

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  1. We love the book Laura's Star. I am sure my son and daughter would enjoy the app as well. Thank you for sharing!

  2. oh, I've been looking for apps like this!

  3. I think my son would really enjoy more apps that feature both animations and interactions!



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