How to Encourage Good Hygiene in Teenage Boys

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Great tips for improving the hygiene habits of teenage boys.

I love my teenage son, but if we're being honest, personal hygiene is not on the top of his daily to do list. In fact, this is the case for most teenage boys I know. Whether they flat out forget or just have better things to do with their time, as moms, I know we wish they would put a little more effort in when it comes to taking care of their bodies. So, how can you encourage good hygiene in teenagers without coming across as a nagging parent? Check out these tips.

Make a List

As silly as it might sound, boys tend to lose their minds during their teenage years. I don't know why or where their minds go, but I am convinced they would forget their own head if it weren't attached to their body. Making a list of steps for personal hygiene tasks and leaving it up in the bathroom may help them remember.

Offer Rewards

You remember this trick from the potty training days right? Well, if personal hygiene is important to you, then you might try offering a small reward for a job well done. I'm not talking a new car or anything, but perhaps a favorite treat will be enough to encourage good hygiene for the week.

Purchase Quality Products

Most teenage boys have issues with facial acne. Purchasing quality men's face care products that can help relieve the symptoms of this teenage issue can definitely be enough to spur a teenage boy into keeping better personal hygiene habits, especially when it comes to washing their face.

Tough Love

If all else fails, let your teenage son learn the hard way with a little tough love. Without good personal hygiene habits, any teenage boy is guaranteed to get a smell at one point or another, and someone else is bound to be insensitive and mention it. Once someone else has brought your child's hygiene to light, they may be more eager to improve their personal hygiene habits in the future.

Encouraging better personal hygiene in teenage boys is not always easy, but with tips like the ones above, you can help your child realize how important good hygiene, especially in the teenage years.

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  1. I just want to say 'thank you' for instilling this in your boys. Some men are just nasty and it's only because they weren't taught otherwise.

  2. Offering rewards is a good idea. I mean we all did it when our kids were potty training right?! So why not for hormonal teens?! LOL :)

  3. I have deodorant for my 9 yr old boy but it's not doing it's job

  4. I'm starting young with my boy because he would prefer to just be

  5. Yes your last point is the last hope I guess. Because kids are becoming just like so naughty that they never listen to soft voice.



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