New Moonshine BBQ Menu at Outback Steakhouse

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Very rarely do I get this excited about food, but you all have got to try the new Moonshine BBQ menu from Outback Steakhouse for yourself! As in, if you miss it, your taste buds will forever turn on you, and all food will cease to taste good. I'm serious! I recently went down to Outback Steakhouse headquarters as an Outback Steakhouse ambassador, to learn more about their brand and to taste test these amazing new limited time menu items. Basically, I learned what I already knew, Outback Steakhouse is a company dedicated to their customer, giving them exactly what they want and creating incredible food at an incredible price!

The New Outback Steakhouse Moonshine BBQ Menu

What could be more perfect for summer than a Moonshine BBQ menu? No, you don't have to worry about eating it and getting tipsy, the alcohol cooks off and just leaves behind the incredible bite and flavor you will fall in love with. Of course, for those who do want to taste a real sip of Moonshine, you can try one of the new limited time cocktails, including Huckleberry Hooch, Watermelon Hunch Punch and Just Peaches. We taste tested the Huckleberry Hooch on our visit to Tampa, and it is incredible. Careful though, you don't taste alcohol at all, but it's there. So good, and full of delicious berries!

What else will you find on the Moonshine BBQ Menu?

  • Sirloin with Moonshine BBQ Bacon Wrapped Shrimp 
  • Moonshine BBQ Ribs
  • Moonshine BBQ Wood-Fire Grilled Wings
  • Moonshine BBQ Chopped Salad
  • Skillet Apple Pie 

Trust me, you need to go to Outback Steakhouse and try this new Moonshine BBQ menu while it lasts, because it is only here for a limited time! Have some fun before you visit, and use the Moonshine Name Generator to generate your very own moonshine name, mine Kambree Kickapoo Honey Bunn and my moonshine personality was the rebel. Sounds about right.

To learn more about the new menu or see what goes into making this delicious Moonshine BBQ, visit

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  1. I'm totally game for some Huckleberry Hooch with Bacon Shrimp :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I am going to have to get in there immediately and try it all! It looks delicious!

  3. Oh that shrimp looks delicious. I may have to go into an Outback soon!

  4. So, everything looks like it taste so good!! sigh

  5. ooh I wonder if they taste as good as Chili's Bockshiner ribs??!! Those are our daughter's favorite. Might have to have a mother daughter date at Outback to do a taste test!

  6. I'd be all over those Moonshine BBQ Ribs and salad. What great new menu items!

  7. Man all that looks so good! That bacon wrapped shrimp looks really good! Wish we lived near one!!

  8. I really love eating at Outback. Their new moonshine bbq menu looks delicious!

  9. Cocktails that you don't taste the alcohol in are always the best and every dish you featured from the new menu looks delicious, especially that chopped salad.

  10. Everything looks so good! I'll definitely have to try the Huckleberry Hooch.

  11. I've never been to Outback before but everything sire does look delicious though.



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