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This post is brought to you in collaboration with the SmartMom app, all opinions are my own. 

Parenting doesn't come with a manual that tells you how to deal with all the issues and questions that will inevitably arise when you are raising your little ones. In fact, as a mom of four boys, there have been times when I wish I had had someone I could have turned to, to get their advice on what I should or shouldn't do. Now, "There's an app for that!" The new SmartMom app is a place where moms can go, to get real-time advice from other moms. You don't have to worry about feeling alienated or wait for hours for a response either. In fact, 75% of questions asked in the SmartMom app have responses within 10 minutes! How is that for support?

What is the SmartMom App?

Imagine a place where you and your friends could get together and bounce ideas and advice off of each other about parenting topics. That is basically the environment that the SmartMom app provides. It is a place where moms can come together and ask questions on anything from potty training to advice on how to handle bad behavior. There are no right or wrong answers, just other moms giving their own advice and perspectives.

The SmartMom app is completely free, and signing up is simple. Once you are logged in, you can view the most recently asked questions or sort by those that don't have any answers yet. You can browse for questions that are similar to your own, post a question of your own, or weigh in with answers or advice to other's questions. The think I noticed right away and love most about the SmartMom app, is there is no bickering or judgement, just helpful advice delivered in a friendly way.

If you are a mom of younger children, say five and under, then the SmartMom app is going to be an invaluable resource to you, as most of the questions are from parents with children in that age range. If you are a mom of older children, you are definitely welcome to ask a question, but you may be able to also help out by answering questions from parents of younger children. Why should you? Well, first because it is nice to do, but also because each month the most active members have a chance to win great prizes like diapers for a year, breast pumps, strollers and more!

Download it Now!

Want to start getting and giving advice on difficult parenting topics today? You can download the SmartMom app for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch for free in the Apple iTunes store.

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  1. I'm going to download it... I like being able to get advice/help from a mom who has gone through whatever I am and can relate!

  2. I love that it's all mobile based. Sometimes it when you're away from the house that the emergencies come up and you need advice quick. Sounds like a fantastic community as well with everyone helping one another.

  3. I think that's such a great tool especially for new moms. I love that it's mobile.

  4. It is nice to get quick responses from those who have also been there.

  5. Love this, being a mom is all about support.

  6. What a great resource for moms! I love things like this that bring moms together to share their experiences.

  7. This is invaluable for moms, truly. It's so helpful to be able to commune with people going through the same things.

  8. Love this concept sometimes you need someone with experience but not necessarily your friend someone who will be objective.



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