4 Ways to Save Time in the Morning

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Tips for saving time in the morning! #parenting
As a mom, I know just how busy mornings can be. We switched to homeschooling the boys this year, so we aren't in a rush to run out of the door most mornings, but we still have a morning routine. If we don't get up and get moving in the morning, we soon find it's noon before our "school" even begins. That's why I count on a few time-saving tricks to get us up and going with a minimal amount of fuss.

{Set Clothes Out the Night Before}

I don't just do this for the boys, I have to do it for myself or I end up walking around the house in pajamas all day everyday. Not that there is anything wrong with pajamas, but it would be nice if the mailman knew that I owned another article of clothing. Setting the clothes out the night before makes sure everyone can get up and get dressed quickly.

{Take Showers and Baths the Night Before}

Noticing a trend here? Our nights are full of spare time and the boys often need a chance to wind down after a busy day. Taking showers and baths at night not only saves time in the mornings, it helps to calm the kids before bed.

{Make a Routine Together}

Most families have a basic routine that they have fallen into every morning, but if your morning routine is causing you to run late, it may need a makeover. Sit down together as a family and discuss how you create a new routine that will save time and be less stressful for everyone. Identify areas that have been come time suckers in the morning and think of ways to change them for the better. Post the new routine where everyone can see it until everyone get used to it.

{Choose Quick and Nutritious Breakfast Options}

Breakfast can take a lifetime in my house. Even if I just want to serve up cereal. First there is the fighting over who gets what cereal, who used whose spoon, etc. Then you get the teenager who magically thinks he is too "cool" for breakfast now. What's up with that? So, what's a mom to do? I want them to get the nutrition they need in the morning, but I don't want breakfast time to drag on forever.

That is where a quick and easy, yet nutritional option like new Quaker® Shakes come in handy. My teenager may be to cool for cereal, but I can usually talk him into slurping a shake down in the morning. We used to use nutritional shakes a lot when he was taking medication that made him use his appetite too, and shakes like this really do help them get the nutrition they need fast. Not to mention they are a great grab and go option. These delicious Quaker® Shakes come in 11.1 oz. 4 packs at your local Walmart, and have all the nutrition you and your kids need to get off to a great start each morning! 

How do you save time in the mornings?

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  1. so important to set a plan every morning or it certainly is choas

  2. Yep, it's official, we need a new routine. It is so hard for us to be ready when we need to so these tips really come at the right time!

  3. These are some great tips. I'm not a morning person, so I need all the help I can get.

  4. I think all the activities totally depend on mum. Its appreciable that before going to bed make half of the morning preparation at the same time.

  5. I thought we were on top of things, but we still seem to rush every morning! I need to see what else I can get accomplished the night before to save even more time.

  6. Those are great tips! We do all of it except for the clothes one, which I did as a kid so you'd think I would have thought to do it by now! I really need to start doing that.

  7. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one whose mailman has seen her in pajamas :) My husband even shaves at night before bed to save time in the mornings!

  8. Great ideas, I love getting everyone's clothes ready the night before.

  9. I've been getting my daughter's lunch together the night before. It's been making mornings a lot easier.

  10. Great tips. We try to get as much done as possible the night before. It gets so hectic around here in the mornings.

  11. YES! Love these. I do all of these to ensure our mornings run smoothly.

  12. I've never heard of Quaker shakes. Our morning routine needs a makeover. I get tired of yelling at the kids to get moving every morning!

  13. I really need to do the put clothes out the night before. Though I feel like we have too much time in the mornings lol. We are usually all up at 6 am and I don't have to get out the door until 7:40am to get Hunter on the bus. I wish we got more sleep though!



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