4 Budget Spring Break Ideas for $200 or Less!

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Budget Spring Break Ideas that all cost $200 or less! #travel #familytravel #camping

Spring break will be here before you know it, and if you're looking for a cheap way to celebrate the week with your family on a dime, check out these great Spring Break vacation ideas that will cost you $200 or less.


If you live near the beach or some other cool place this is a great idea that you can easily make something out of, but some people don't understand that a staycation doesn’t just have to be for those in “cool” places. If you have a hotel in or around your hometown, book it and bring enough stuff to make margaritas and plenty of books to read for a few days. You don’t have to go far from home to relax, and you can even pick up a great brochure of your hometown and learn about the “cool” places you have close by.

Vacation at Home

Make breakfast in bed, build a fort, and dine outside. Don't just sit in front of the television all week, but actually do things at home that you enjoy. You don't have to even leave the comfort of your favorite yoga pants to make this one happen. Order takeout and movies every night and enjoy cooking yummy food all day as a family. Read books. Get a tan in your backyard. Invite friends over for a game night. Fill every day with all the fun things that pass you by in the day-to-day bustle of life. 

Tour the State

Do you know what your state has to offer? Tourists do, and that's why they flock to your state for Spring Break. Hop on your state's tourism website and check out what they offer as incentive to visit, and then try a few things for yourself. You won't have to book an overnight hotel if you stay within driving distance and you can enjoy a few different attractions in a budget.


Get outside and get unplugged! Load up the car with all your camping gear and a few days' worth of groceries and get back to the basics of life. Enjoy time outdoors as a family and get away from the bustle of every day life. That's what camping is about, after all! This is our favorite low cost option, we did our entire summer camping trip last year for as much as it would have cost for a week at a traditional vacation spot.

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  1. I wish we could go camping but I'm sure it'll still be too cold. I think we're going to visit Kim one day and possibly do a museum another day. That's probably as much as we'll get done.

  2. Great ideas, I'm definitely on a budget right now.

  3. One thing I really want to do more of is tour my state, partly because it's less expensive!

  4. This winter has been nice and long! I can't wait for it to be Spring and nice sunny days and green grass! Thanks for sharing your ideas, they sound fun!

  5. Great ideas! I did a few with my kids years ago!

  6. We've been meaning to get to Legoland so that's probably one thing we'll do, otherwise, it's a staycation for us.

  7. Great ideas! We need to plan a camping trip soon before it warms up too much and gets hot during the day.

  8. These are some great ideas for Spring break. I love the idea of a camping trip.

  9. Awesome ideas! My kids will be visiting my inlaws for a large part of their spring break, but hubs and I are planning to have some fun at home and just relax!

  10. Since we live right here at a beach, we love to staycation!

  11. Touring the state is our dream :)



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