1 Mom, 4 Boys and 70 Days #Camping Across the American Northwest - Seeking Sponsors

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1 Mom, 4 Boys and a 70 Day #Camping Road Trip. #travel #familytravel

I am sure most of you all probably remember my genius idea last year of packing up the boys in Bob the Van, and traversing across the Southwest states for 50 days last year. I mean, you couldn't miss it, it was all you found here for months, and I am so glad to have had so many of you follow us along. Well, they called me crazy for doing it last year, and they'll call me crazy again, because this year we are headed out on a 70 day camping road trip across the American Northwest! That's right, on May 9th, the boys and I will head out with Bob to cover over 8,000 miles and spend 70 days exploring some of the most amazing sights this country has to offer.

Where will be go?

LeFleurs Bluff State Park -Mississippi
Branson - Missouri (media visit stop)
Rock Creek Station State Historical Park - Nebraska
Fort Robinson State Historical Park - Nebraska
Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial and Custer State Park - South Dakota
Grand Teton National Park - Wyoming
Bruneau Dunes State Park - Idaho
Black Rock Desert - Nevada
Bodie and Yosemite National Park - California
Sacramento - California (media visit stop)
Crater Lake National Park - Oregon
Mt. Rainier - Washington
Glacier National Park - Montana
Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park - Montana
Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming
Theodore Roosevelt National Park - North Dakota
Sioux Falls - South Dakota (media visit stop for Joshua's 14th B-day)
Walnut Woods State Park - Iowa
St. Louis - Missouri (media visit stop)
Fort Boonesborough State Park - Kentucky
Grafton - West Virginia (family reunion)

If the beauty and history we discover is anything like it was last year, our travels should prove to be well worth the time we put into planning them. This year, I will be gathering information on our trip to complete a guidebook on completing a road trip of the Northwest with children, and I am pretty excited about it.

Road Trip Sponsorship Opportunities 

LifeWith4Boys.com is looking for a few great sponsors who would like to come along for the ride on our wild adventure! There are varying levels of sponsorship available. The entire trip will be covered here on Life With 4 Boys, as well as on our new co-owned travel site WanderlustMoms.com. You can view samples of coverage from our 50 day camping trip last year. If you would be interested in sponsorship packages for this trip, please use the contact page here on the site, or email me directly at kbunn@lifewith4boys.com.

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to follow along with us through the #70DayRoadTrip hashtag on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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  1. You def need to visit NY one time. It's a really gorgeous place, especially where I live in the Hudson Valley. :) But I can't wait to see you and your boys travels! It was fun watching last year. :)

  2. That was quite the trip last year. This year will be even more awesome. Have fun!

  3. That sounds so fun, this would be a great experience!

  4. You are one adventurous Mom! :) I can't wait to read (and see all the pics) all about your adventures this summer!

  5. I thought you were brave last year, but after seeing how much fun you all had, and how awesome you handled the trip, I know this year will be even better. I look forward to reading about your journey!

  6. Good luck! Sounds like such a fun trip!

  7. You're definitely one of the coolest moms! I'm looking forward to reading about your upcoming traveling experiences. :)

  8. This sounds like an amazing adventure. I hope you gain all the sponsors you need and then some.

  9. You are incredible...and a year too late, LOL! How I wish you would have come through Sioux Falls early last summer when we were still living there, it would have been so much fun to see you again. If you make a trek again next summer be sure to drive through North Texas :)

  10. This sounds like one amazing adventure, that's for sure!

  11. Tammy, are you trying to move away from us? We were in North Texas last year at Caprock Canyon LOL. We do not have an immediate plan to head back to the Southwest as of now, but you never know where the wind might blow is. Last year we did the Southwest though, so this year is the Northwest and then we plan to spend two year on the Midwest and East coast. After that, I promised the boys a trip to Hawaii and Alaska when we finished the contiguous United States. :)

  12. I love that you do this such an amazing experience for the kids.

  13. You're going to have a blast! &Your boys are going to treasure these memories for a lifetime. Side note, you're going to be so close to me!

  14. Wow, I'm sure you guys are going to have a BLAST!



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