DIY Pom Pom Valentine's Day Wreath

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I get so excited when a new holiday is right around the corner, because it gives me a reason to start making new DIY decor crafts for my house. Valentine's Day isn't too far away, and I wanted a cute wreath to hang on the door that wouldn't scream Valentine's Day, but would still be in keeping with the theme. I have fallen in love with these homemade pom poms recently and have used them in a lot of crafts, so I thought I would make a wreath with some jumbo ones.


Two skeins of chunky yarn in a color of your choice.
Round Styrofoam wreath form. Mine is 14 inches roughly.
Hot glue
Embellishments if you choose.
Fabric (optional)


Step 1: I wrapped my wreath form in fabric first because I use pool noodles and want the back of the wreath to look nicer, but if you don't want to wrap your wreath, you can move directly to step 2.

Step 2: Wrap the yarn around all four of your fingers on one hand about 75-80 times. If you are using a thin yarn, you may need to do this up to 150 times for each pom pom. Snip the end of the yarn when you're done.

Step 3: Cut a separate length of yarn about 6 inches long and wrap it through your fingers around the center of the bundle of yarn on your hand. You can see the photo above for an idea of how it should look.

Step 4: Slide the yarn off your fingers, and tie the 6 inch piece of yarn securely around the middle of the large bundle of yarn.

Step 5: Snip the loops on each end of the tied bundle of yarn to form your pom pom. Continue steps 1-5 until you have a good amount of pom poms. It is going to take about 12 large pom poms to cover a 14 inch wreath.

Step 6: Glue the large pom poms around the wreath form.

Step 7: Add embellishments to your wreath if you wish. I attached to felt owls on mini clothespins to some sisal rope and hung them from the back of my wreath. I used pins to secure them to the back so that they are removable, and so the wreath can be used year round if wanted.

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  1. What a fun idea for a wreath. I love the little owls, super cute!!

  2. This is so super cute! I love the dangling hearts!

  3. That is super cute and perfect to make with girls :)

  4. I'm envisioning all these pretty colored wreaths EVERYWHERE now! Really cute idea!

  5. What a great idea. I think that even I can manage to make one of those. I wonder if there may be any red yarn on clearance after Christmas....

  6. Lynda, Michael's had most of their yarn on sale for 1/2 off. I think it is still going on. I only paid $1.99 per skein of chunky yarn used in this wreath.

  7. Looks like a very easy to wreath to make. I haven't taken down my tree and I keep seeing Valentine's Day posts.....I feel so behind.

  8. This is so cute and reminded me of the pom pom crafts I used to do with my mom as a kid.

  9. Okay, you make this looks easy, and even though I'm so not crafty, I think I could do it. Thanks for a great tutorial!

  10. Too cute! I love adorable crafts and DIY that aren't too difficult - thanks!

  11. This would look cute on Sweet T's bedroom door. Love the owls.

  12. That is utterly cute! The owls are a nice touch.

  13. Super cute!! I'm loving all of the VDay crafts.



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